They Don't Care

Passions have heighten over the latest budget battle on top of the debate on the Un-* Care Act:  Un-Affordable, Un-Constitutional and now apparently Un-Attainable Care Act.

While debate on any subject is a good thing but considering who we generally get into debates with is very Un-Productive.

We as the hard working Americans that keep this country as close to what it once was has got to come to grips that too many Americans on the left don’t care what happens to America.  America could turn into Detroit tomorrow and the majority of Democratic voters would not care.  In fact, I believe, they would cheer our demise not understanding what that would truly mean to them.  Some, not all, would really experience what true poverty is.  But, by gawd, to their amusement, the rest of the country would be poor:  except the democrats they elected, the ruling class, the old media, Hollywood and Jay-Z.

I use to wonder how a group of Americans can still believe what the Democrats promise with no results.  Actually, the Democrat’s policies make their lives far worse not better.  Trillions have been spent but they still want more.  This group thinks there is an endless supply of money and have been told that the rich and evil Republicans are keeping it from them.  I’m baffled that this contingency of  Democrats can never come to the rationalization that either A.) The Democrats are duping them or B.) The Democrats are incompetent and can’t actually fulfill their promises.

The sad thing is that we could double our debt and it still wouldn’t impact these Americans in a positive manner.  They just don’t care.