Christie Weighs in on Shutdown

Well it didn’t take long for New Jersey Governor and possible future GOP establishment bad presidential candidate Chris Christie to weigh in (pun heavily intended) on the ObamaCare vs. government shutdown.  Anyone care to guess who he blamed?  That’s right, the GOP.  Anyone shocked?

Christie at least had the decency to not name any Republicans by name, but his comments came the day after Senator Cruz finished his 21 hour speech on the Senate floor so the hint being heavily gazed upon the tea party conservatives.

“I think there’s got to be a solution other than that,” Christie said on a segment set to air Sunday on “CBS This Morning”.

Of course like most established politicians, no such solution was offered from Christie but by god we can’t shut down the government, ever!

This, of course, doesn’t change my opinion of the man as I would never vote for him but it does fortify my beliefs of what is truly going on in DC between the Dems and the GOP machine and that it’s no longer a fight of ideology but a fight on who controls the marionette strings.