It's Time to Stand

It’s time to stand with Ted Cruz.  Not just stand for restoring conservative values back to Washington but for exposing the way DC and far too many Republicans work against us.  We can talk all we want about beating back the progressives in the Democratic Party but first we need to get our house in order and that begins now.

We all know the car is way on the other side of the ditch and if we don’t act before the upcoming 2014 primaries then nothing will change.  The RINOs will continue to act, as usual, like a naughty child left unpunished.

As I type this post, Senator Cruz, on no sleep, after speaking for over 20 hours, is still schooling  the likes of Dick Durbin and Harry Reid.  I’m inspired and if this doesn’t inspire all of us to do more then we deserve what we get.

2010 was a good start but we took the foot off the accelerator in 2012.  Time to rev up those engines for 2014 and beyond.  Let’s go.