Leftward Ho!

As the intrigue swirls around Nancy Pelosi’s stated bid for House Minority Leader, the question has arisen more often than not, “why would the democratic caucus award Pelosi a lesser authoritative gavel when her current leadership just led them off a cliff?”


Really, the matter is simpler than it appears, and it reflects back to her strong-armed tactics during the Health Care “debate.” It wasn’t about anybody but Nancy Pelosi.


Pelosi is fully aware of the “bleeding god” conundrum intrinsic to stories like that of Pre-Hawaiian Captain Cook; that the aura of being a deity to a trembling and deferential populous can be erased with a single mortal groan. Once those confined to the septic terra firma realized he was but one of them, they cut him to pieces.


Pelosi needs the leadership position if for no other reason than to have the scepter that divides her from the restless populous that holds her accountable for their mortal losses.  Perhaps they realize that her powers are far from omnipotent, but should she wield any perceivable control over them, it buffers her from suffering a complete and mortal deconstruction at the hands of her party.


Whether or not she survives the bid remains to be seen.  The President, who either operates as an inflexible ideologue with no intent of deviating, or a tone-deaf teleprompter jockey, has at least signaled that “leftward ho!” is the short-term exclamation.  In that atmosphere, a democratic caucus that sees this election as a matter of an occluded message rather than ideological rejection will award her the position by default. 


But to Pelosi, the real issue is an underlying fear that her diluted deification will result in complete and utter Muggle-dom.  And that is simply—a non-starter.