Charles Johnson: The Descent Of A Passive Race-Baiter?

I’m amazed at how much Charles Johnson couldn’t care a whit about the scientific process. I’m amazed I even bother to “check in” over there at all, because the self-serving, maudlin cello he plays has gotten old and pathetic. Odd, that for a man so allegedly enthralled with the craft and sciences that simply operate under the bromide of “Prove it,” Charles can only default to guilt-by-six-degrees-of-separation and the “prove you’re not gay” line of personal playground acquittal.

But this is because Charles lives in his polar-reverse world of Darwinistic “proof.” You know the ones where you are obligated to solidify a negative truth in order to win any debate in his little green coliseum. Let’s take a look at this for second:

If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. But I can find out no such case. (Italics mine, for emphasis)

See the problem with this? What part of Darwin’s theory was he ready to put to the actual scientific process? None, according to this. “Hey, guys, it aint my job to prove my theory, it’s your job to prove my theory could never have happened.”

But Darwinism isn’t even why I’m writing this today. Charles Johnson’s Rhesus-Monkey-with-his-hand-in-a-gourd grip on his precious little theories is exactly why he will one day fade into the static test patterns of leftist media. He’s not as good as they are, and besides, they’ll never fully forgive him for the National Guard document thing.

One of these little sambas he likes to play is the all encompassing “Tea partiers are racist” numbers. These claims, of course buttressed by some ridiculous theory that an itemized and very clear take-down of one’s individual liberties will only outrage non-racists; that a grassroots movement appalled at what their government is doing is able to prevent a few radioactive isotopes from showing up at the National Mall.

And if they do, empirical evidence is used to point out the fact that they are there. Which is why Andrew Brietbart’s offer of a $10,000 reward to the UNCF who can concretely prove that someone actually used the “N” word and spat upon Representatives Cleaver and Lewis irritates Mr. Johnson to no end.

First of all, it violates the “Charles is never, ever wrong” schitzo-muse he seems to consult on a daily basis. Two, it violates his personal savior Darwin’s squishy terms for throwing out a hypothesis: That Andrew Brietbart should be trying to prove that it could not have happened. Putting the onus of proof on the accusers? Waaaaay too radical for the Crown Prince of Intellectual homeostasis, Charles Johnson.

Pathetic, really.

Johnson has simply done what he believes Darwinism doesn’t: He has de-volved and atomized in the entropic stream–he has gone from order to disorder. In theory and in practice. In word and in deed.