Some say I'm angry, well...

AP Photo/Ben Margot

It’s not necessarily anger that drives me, but desire to reach an outcome. Placing roadblocks of doubt serves no useful purpose, except to those who wish to spoil for the opposition, and that is serving the wrong master.

Cynicism breeds contempt. Constructive criticism is not cynicism. If one has a bit of constructive criticism, great! Share it. But don’t go off the deep end and be the driver who hogs the left lane, with your cynicism. A problem many Republicans seem to have is that they give up before the fight has even started, and that almost always involves the cynicism we see. If you want to win elections, quit stopping before you start. If that means that you have to take your adversaries to court, quit being cheerleaders for them, and instead, start fighting them. Then again, maybe you are not Republicans. Are you? I am.

What do you think is common among our political adversaries? They stick together, even to the point of breaking laws. We don’t have to break laws to beat them. We need to be a solid unified force using those laws against them. If people, like Sydney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, Genna Ellis and any other I might forget, are willing to put their reputation on the line, to fight against this fraud, wouldn’t it be at least worth showing a unified force having their backs, since it is they who are doing the fighting?

You cynics can go on and leave, as far as I’m concerned, but I’m in this until the end, and I expect a positive outcome. Sure, there is a lot of hope in where I stand, but there is a lot of confidence in the fighters, also.

When it becomes a fight not worth fighting for, you will wish you fought this battle, instead, rather than patting yourself and saying “I told you so”, because you don’t realize the fighters in this fight are in it for keeps. I’m also in this for keeps, because the battle is worth fighting. I may not have any influence in who does what, since I can only give money to the campaign, and make comments in a comment section of a site, so maybe I value trying to rally attitudes to a more positive place, than being doubting Thomases. Over 74 million people are in this fight, and they are watching.

So, yes. You could say I’m a little angry.


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