A few more things, still, part Four.

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

When you go and analyze that Declaration of Independence, and see how “light transgressions” became “long train of abuses” at the beginning, doesn’t it make you think about just how bad things had to get, in a relatively short amount of time? What about our current times? Where do we begin to draw lines, and refuse to allow crimes against our country to persist?

I wonder how successful a case I made to view the Declaration of Independence in today’s light? I see it, plain as day. and we are the ones who let this drag on, since the beginning of the republic. Are we, as a society, that complacent? Are we so willing to let those long train of abuses stand, and just sit around guzzling a few beers with our pizza?


Maybe we should look into Patrick Henry, next? I don’t know. I’m already feeling like Patrick.


This is not a land of liberty we currently reside in. If elections can’t be trusted, any more than this last one, much less the last ten or twenty, we should be thinking “Give me liberty, or give me death”, right about now.


Elections are as important as everything else we live for. Maybe a little shaming is in order. If you don’t support the President, who has shown to have done a quite excellent job, in the face of his detractors, the left, we might just get those chains custom fitted, right away, because there will be no looking back to the good ole times, and most certainly no looking forward to who will right our ship, because, without defending those who came before us, that ship sank.


If you don’t support your President, right now, you are dooming everything our forefathers fought for, and gave to us, to protect. That is something you can brush aside to your peril.


The Goths are at the gate!

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