One or two things about all these mask wearing requirements. To my Governor!

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I noticed, ever since Governor Lee, of Tennessee, made the declaration that 85 0r so counties in our state could begin making ordinances to require the wearing of masks and other assorted face coverings, that one, they become effective some time in the future, and two, they are mandatory while outside, anywhere in the city or county they were declared. No, they were not passed in a city counsel or county counsel, but simple done by mayoral edict.

The latest two I am aware of are my county, Montgomery, and another, Wilson County. Montgomery goes in effect in two day, and Wilson County’s beats it by one minute(11:59 PM on the 19th).

What’s so urgent, and not so urgent, at the same time where it is, or isn’t, necessary that the local leaders decided to do it, if it isn’t so important as to be made immediately in effect? I thought this was supposed to be about protecting people from some kind of public health emergency, like a virus. Not trying to be too silly about all this, but did the virus go on vacation, just a brief one, like a day or two?

No, this smells like a bunch of like minded tyrants got together, after seeing the green light on the drag strip tree fall, so they could form another little shining piece of tyranny, instead of having any public minded interest. This Covid crap has taken on an ugly dimension. It’s not like I just started thinking this way, but it sure hit a new low in governance, lately.

Considering all the precautions and mask requirements we had, during the last two big viruses to speed to town, over the last several years, and the way things were so regimented, this time it should be as the last.

Except, the last two had no such regimentation and lockdown, as to be nonexistent. We all understood them to be the damned flu, and dealt with it, ourselves, just fine.

To the Governor of Tennessee, at least, if not other governors, please rescind those godlike powers you just granted to the cities and counties. Do you not see what they are doing with their newfound power? I’m going to violate these new requirements, each and every day they are in effect, but there will be many who go along, sniffles and nasty masks and all, all for the sake of compliance in a non proven and ineffective way to fight a supposed deadly disease.

Once upon a time, I worked in a hospital environment, where I had to put on a mask, wear isolation gowns and gloves, and after I was done in the hostile patient environment, I had to tear it all off and throw it in a bag that got burned when filled. We now have a large part of our community simply putting on a contaminated face mask repeatedly, every day.  Please, Governor, you tell me what that is accomplishing. No one else can, with any degree of confidence to support the wearing of masks. To date, no Dr.Fauci, Dr. Birx or any public health official can justify the use of wearing PPE in the public, and I don’t expect to hear any, other than the self professed political health NAZIs doing all those edicts.


Please stop this nonsense!

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