China is about to find out how few friends they have.

Ju Peng/Xinhua via AP

China has been a bad little dragon, lately, haven’t they? They’ve occupied, well, built up small islands in the Spratleys ,been dredging out the Mekong River, overflown Taiwan, having border skirmishes with angry Indians, told Russia some silly stuff about Vladivostok(why, I can only imagine, and about a thousand other things.

They destroyed evidence at that Wuhan Institute of Virology. That one doesn’t take much imagination to think up why they did that. It’s a wonder that a former Head of MI 6 came out of his closet and said to not discount about that virus coming out of that lab, which indicates to me that someone knows something, and in the words of the philosopher congress clown(AOC) from Minnesota, “Someone did something”. Gee…

Dams are barely holding water back, all along the great rivers of China. Locusts are destroying crops, Tornadoes are forming in odd places in China. Even hail is forming that appears like the models of the Wu Tang Crap virus. And what does China do? They form a new security law specifically for Hong Kong, but including the rest of the plebes who might travel to China, in the future, make their propaganda news agency look more like CNN and harass the rest of the world. They are even toying with changing the name of the Confucius Institute. Weaponizing Tik-Tok was a good one. I wonder where those littl dragons got that idea. do you think they have Jack Dorsey on speed dial?

I’ve been leaning to a more sinister view about China’s intentions, all along, and I absolutely have no reason to change my mind. Someone please help me!

Put all this with a majority of the world becoming more unhappy with China’s money, and I still think Xi Jinping will end up with a bullet in the back of his head, or we will soon see war.

All this is probably over an election in 2016. Nah, but it’s getting to the point that China will make everything worse than possible, and poke the Orange man bear. It’s a strange world we live in .