At what point does something become an act of war?

At what point does something become an act of war?
Cheng Min/Xinhua via AP

China had an outbreak of a virus.

China has had a number of outbreaks of viruses.

China plays with viruses.

China’s military is in charge of everything, including means of production, the labor force, exploration and exploitation of stolen intellectual property. The first, and highest priority for all things China produces or steals, is the ability of whatever the product or technology is, is if it has a military capability.

Setting all that aside, for a moment, look at the history of the Chinese Communist Party, starting with the Great Leap forward, Cultural Revolution, or more simply put, mass killing of Chinese people, for the sole purpose of forcing submission to the Party. You might try to argue it was more than that, but you’d have to make a pretty strong case before you convinced me otherwise. It was about absolute power and consolidation and centralization of thought, behavior and submission to all things CCP, and nothing else.

Then go and take a little stroll through China’s history of military aggression against several bordering countries, and you might just get hung up with Tibet before you ended that journey. Then, consider the Uighur Muslims, somewhere around a million were jailed in specially built concentration camps, left their families to be raped and pillaged by the Chinese soldiers. Okay, enough about their human rights.

Moving along, and back to the idea about the military being in charge of their economy. That’s all it is, when the military takes priority over everything else, like feeding the family, producing trade for export and allowing for creativity in the minds of all those “Engineers” they graduate every year (China is the top producing country of graduating engineers, according to one of my friends who is a Professional Engineer). The trouble with all those engineers, and other science related researchers architects and doctors is that they are not allowed to be creative, uh, have an individual creative thought, without the approval from the Party.

Now, imagine an economy that has grown steadily throughout many years, gained a huge portion of worldwide trade and buys it’s way into pieces of every continent in the world, to continue to grow. You can find their footprints on every continent, and they buy into things like coal, electrical power grids, oil and a lot of other things those countries produce. But they do it by buying under the guise of loaning money to countries that can’t produce very well, also. This is when they make loans, knowing all along the loans(investments) will never be repaid. China intends to foreclose on the country’s sovereignty, at that point. Think about Venezuela with that future event just down the road. And think about Australia’s ports and utilities that have been sold to China.

Then, enter a US President who recognized a threat from China, when ever last president, all the way back to Richard Nixon, remained oblivious to the future threat, and allowed China to continue to devour our economic engine. What did this President do? Tariffs, and it ticked off a lot of people, thinking up excuses about how that will cost more jobs, kills businesses, which it didn’t, and put a real big dent in China’s already brittle economy, and that is because the bulk of China’s revenues goes first to the Party, and then to the Chinese Military, before it goes to things like trade and Chinese people having a life. So, now you have an economy that is brittle, constant lies propping up the outside world’s view about China, censorship inside and outside China. Please tell me what could go wrong? I’d laugh if it didn’t make me want to cry.

Wuhan Province.

France designed that top notch super secure lab that researches viruses. China took France’s designs and altered them to China’s liking, whatever that means. It could mean a lot of things, like anything from adapting to terrain, all the way to sloppy safety and containment practices. I don’t know, and I’ll leave out my suspicions, for now. It’s been said that we helped fund part of that lab, but I don’t know if it was through direct federal funding, or some university funneling federal money(money laundering scheme, really doesn’t matter, though), so someone else can cry about that. My concern is that the events that led up to our pandemic all originated in Wuhan Province, and not in some silly wet market. There is evidence to set that idea aside, and I believe the two good doctors at the pressers would agree with me, with that.

Let’s assume all this was an accident, and that someone accidentally got infected, and somehow got out of the “Secure Lab” in Wuhan. Fine! Let’s run with that, but then we have to consider all the events that happened afterward and place them into their proper perspective. China told no one they had a problem, even most of the population in Wuhan. China locked down Wuhan Province, allowed no travel into and out of that province, but, they allowed travel out of Wuhan, directly to the rest of the world.

Means, motive and opportunity. If you don’t consider that, you are acting irresponsibly. I’ve accepted China’s means as an accident, okay. Now, to their motive, which is very telling. What was that phrase Bill Clinton used? It’s the economy, stupid?

China’s economy was suffering from all of the above, military scraping their cut off the top, a global recession, which was already leading to China having a significant unemployment problem and those tariffs President Trump used to force trade back into being fair trade, instead of one-sided trade. Part of the motive,  isn’t it?

China suffers the most from the release of it’s own “accident” by compounding an already serious problem, with it’s sickening economy, not to mention it’s sickening population.

Now, the opportunity, and you don’t have to be a real cynic to come up with what I am about to propose, and that an accident became a bio-weapon, because of the way the Chinese think. They consider themselves to be able to do no wrong, and are superior to the rest of the world, and their practice of buying into countries, threatening sovereignty and robbing resources all paint a pretty dark picture about this virus.

According to many world sources, China did and does exactly what I said above, and have a stressed economy, has taken the brunt of their own accident on the chin, hid it from the rest of the world, with the WHO doing a lot of the up front work for them, until the damage was done, and that leads to the end of means, motive and opportunity by saying, “If we are going to sink, the rest of the world is going down with us.”

Is that not an act of war? Was an accident changed into a bio-weapon because of a country’s vanity and arrogance?

If that isn’t an act of war, I don’t know what is.


I’m done with saying what I think, that this was an act of war without there being an accident, because this is no different than my other view, just that one is more vile and petty than the other, but both are full of evil and aggressive intent.

You don’t do trade with criminals, either.

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