Disaster. It's the way Democrats squander our country to gain power.

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Look at how Democrats behave when the country is prosperous, and what they do, to collect power. They most often try to throw monkey wrenches in the economy, create disasters, or, at least, take advantage of disasters, in order to claw back what was what they perceive as once being theirs.

Take every piece of legislation in our lifetimes, and try to sort out how they have manipulated, and blundered good things, like our economic prosperity, our standard of living and our culture.

Nancy Pelosi has tried to squander the latest attempts Trump has tried to accomplish, by throwing in some ridiculous revision to the Hyde Amendment as to cater to a group, which is the pro-choice, or abortion crowd. Look at the credit bills, which made credit actually get worse for those who really would benefit by it, and make credit more available to those who would use it with no intention of ever paying back the loans. Consider all the garbage about speech and safe zones, and hate Crime legislation, which only accomplished making a new group of criminals out of an already existing group.

What does a Democrat do, every single time? They cause more problems than they solve. I can’t recall a single problem they have ever solved, but I’m not a Democrat, so I guess I don’t count.

The Wu Tang Crap is just the latest example of what we have come to expect: no solution, but a whole lot of roadblocks. And, by the way, it is even racist and xenophobic to call it what it is. Imagine that!

Look at the Dow and tell me this wasn’t a manufactured crisis. The Dow Jones Industrials(if you can still call it an industrial index) has gone down to close to where Obama’s administration left it. Does anyone remember the Dow’s response, overnight, when Trump won the election? The numbers are very close to getting at or below Obama’s economy. Some expert needs to explain to me, in plain English, not gobbledy-gook, how the economy conveniently erased all the wealth created by good tax policy, erasure of burdensome regulations and a positive crowd of enthusiastic work force.

Then, some other expert needs to explain to me, in plain English(because I’m too stupid to understand more gobbledy-gook, but I can spell it) how there was no panic over the SARS or MERS epidemics, when they are all related and came from the same place, caused deaths, but were better managed, and without all the fear, and God knows, the media tried to drum up the fear with them, as well.

To me, and call me a conspiracy nut all you want, but this crisis was manufactured and is not coincidental. Too many “coincidences” for this to be ignored.

You should remind yourself of all the recent events, by China, the Democrats, a sprinkling of a Biden or two, desperation by a terrified split Democrat Party, who is panicking about another Trump term as President, and you can now start to bake your cake.


A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.