I just love to see this happen. Now, the Anti-Greta

AP Photo/David Keyton

This girl is from Germany, and is a member of the Heartland Institute, voluntarily. She is the real deal, and is making the effort to combat the spread of lies and propaganda from the media. Her mission is about free speech and is directly attacking those forces in the media who try to force political agendas on society. Watch and see how real people address issues, through their desire and open mindedness. Her message indirectly goes after the little autistic girl because the little autistic girl is not being honest, or is simply a robotic pawn with an agenda.


Finally, a young mind who is artful in her expression about one of nature’s most important things: Free speech, and free scientific inquiry, without agendas. This video is subtitled, for the German language impaired, people like me. I doubt she will get any airtime from our media, because her message is one of honest and truth.

This is what the world needs more of.