China and Their Latest Problem: Coronavirus

I keep thinking about at all the Clancy books that go into bio warfare, and how he has made some startling predictions, that happened, not necessarily in jive exactly with what he wrote, but substantively accurate. If you’ve read my comments, you probably know I’m close to being his number one fan.

China has the most corrupt form of government known to exist, and it is politically tempered with a slight allowance of capitalism, so as to make the globalist salivate over the profits and grift. But they also have a dark underbelly, which is really too obvious to deny.

Mao’s Great Leap Forward, with his famous Barrel of a Gun statement, killed tens of millions, all in the name of bowing to supreme authority, and I don’t mean God. God is forbidden, and the CCP is determined to keep that guy out. I can’t wait for the day when God teaches the CCP a lesson they refuse to learn. When the state is the sole means of production, the sole owner of property and the sole authority who disregards all human rights, there isn’t any room left in the great hall where the CCP meets for ingenuity, freedom and peace. Communism defines struggle, but in a perverted way, but that is a whole ‘nuther topic.

I remember reading an article, a while back, about a vast crematorium that was built just south of Hong Kong. That got me wondering just what the communists had in mind for the Hong Kong residents, but maybe that’s only part of my concern, now. Considering this coronavirus, and I am the last one to be discussing the mortality and morbidity of viral diseases, but after seeing video clips of Chinese residents in the Wuhan city, or province, being forced into cages in the back of trucks and hauled off to who knows where, and people dragged out of their apartments for the same, it makes me wonder what China might be up to. We know they claim they are building “Hospitals”. That is what is getting reported in the media. Okay. But what is their attitude about containing and curing mass disease outbreaks? Could they be considering the idea of just killing a bunch of people off, as a cure? My money is they are, since they have, to date, refused to accept the assistance from the WHO and the CDC.

We already know that quite a few people who get admitted into certain hospitals don’t wake up after surgery because they got “Volunteered” as organ donors, and many for Party officials, without their knowledge and consent. They’re just treated as expendable pieces of tissue, not unlike the way our Democrats love abortion. China took that one and ran with it.

Back to Clancy, for a minute. In the Bear and the Dragon, there was a scene where a young Christian pastor, who happened to be US educated as an engineer, had a wife who was pregnant, who already had a female child, and China’s one child policy was going to head them up with a syringe full of formaldehyde during crowning. It was a dramatic scene where a Catholic Cardinal who was visiting the pastor got in the way of the syringe in order to save the crowning baby’s life, and got shot by a Chinese police man in the process, which set off an international incident.

I only mention this because that part of his book was a part of reality in China, and it has only been changed to the Two Child Policy, because of the perversion the old policy caused, by having too many boys and not enough girls. Taking this up another notch is the problem of the Uighur Muslims, who are continually being jailed in remote concentration camps(probably just being murdered outright), while their wives are being raped by Chinese guards and military, and probably just anyone who wants to have some sick sex with a captive slave.

If a society can condone such atrocious behavior, can I assume the coronavirus will be dealt with, by a crematorium in south China? And can I draw an assumption that this coronavirus is possibly not as accidental as has been reported? Could this have been a mistake, when it could have actually been an attempt to infect another population, as a retaliation of a certain tariff war, and that the outbreak might have been mishandled, when the intention could have been for it to have been over here, instead?

You betcha!

I don’t trust these people. Anyway, I hope I’m wrong, but with China, and their record, I’m probably closer than you think.