I keep hearing people saying ANTIFA is just a group of haters. Think again.

So many people simply write off what ANTIFA really is, by thinking they are just a bunch of haters. If you leave it at that level, you are doing what the leftists have been doing for decades: rewriting history. ANTIFA has roots before Hitler saw their utility, but for a brief historical moment of clarity, try to imagine what Hitler used the Brown Shirts for, in the 1920s up to, and past the NAZI party taking control of Germany.

During the twenties, the Sturmabteilung (SA), were used to infiltrate and disrupt political opposition. Sturmabteilung were the Brown Shirts. They not only disrupted their opposition, but fought and killed their opposition. You can’t re-write history by saying even that they were a bunch of rowdy young psychopaths looking to brawl. That’s just too simplistic to buy. Even if they were just that, someone had designs on how to funnel that energy into being used as a political force. Hitler was that beneficiary of their young, rowdy psychopathic energy.

Some people have taken a leap to characterize groups, like this one, as far right, as well, without giving any information that backs that up. Those people who make the argument that the Brown Shirts were radical right wing never seem to understand that throughout history right winged  ideas mostly never involved violent acts. The KKK is often redefined as extreme right winged racists, and history debunks that as a myth propagated by the Democrat Party’s attempt at projecting their sins upon the right, and the Democrats make that distinction without any explanation. Just another lie.

Mussolini did the same, actually before Hitler, to aid in his rise to power. Those were called Black Shirts, and were used to do the exact same thing. Just another bunch of “rowdy young psychopaths looking to brawl”. Mussolini was ill described as some kind of radical right winged fascist. Again, not true. He was raised by a father who was deeply entranced in communism, and had a mother who clung to Catholicism and school teaching, and tried to stay as far away from her son’s and husband’s radicalism. I doubt she was any more of a saint than those two, though. The Black Shirts were known as the “Squadristi”, earlier, became the Black Shirts, and were also known as “Antifascisti”.

Antifascisti also comes up with Stalin. The phrase “anti-fascist” is a play on words and meanings, since it means exactly the opposite of what you would think. It’s meant to be that, as a means of covering up the true intent of the organizations using it.

Be very careful when you decide to go and search on the topic, because, as everything political, the ideology of many writers clouds their views on historical fact. Still, some of the best sources can be found from true ANTIFA thugs, themselves. They will tell you to your face what they are, because you will probably still deny the truth, because the phrase, “anti-fascist” has taken on a different meaning, just to confuse, pillage and destroy the political opposition, just like Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin so successfully used them for.

Don’t make the same mistake about who your enemy is. One day you might just have to fight them, and you would be wise to understand who ANTIFA really works for. It isn’t anything connected to anything right wing, or conservative, so just forget that nonsense. They are the same old fleas fron the mangy communist dog.


Oh, and Greta and her parents are proud ANTIFA All Stars. I wonder why?