I just heard this on the radio news. A trump supporter is murdered, and over his views

Screenshot from the police release

This account is taken by the New York Post. It actually didn’t show up on my first search, so I refined it to add “2020”. What I heard on the radio was that a man who gave another fellow “worker”(that seems to be the latest socialist buzzword) a ride to work, and, while at work, the man who was given the ride to work, goes and stabs the man and kills him, leaving an American Flag next to his corpse! This happened in Orange County, Florida, and the accused is charged with first degree murder. Sounds to be an appropriate charge, to me.

This is a very bad state to have to see something like this, with ANTIFA, a Bernie Bro shooting up Steve Scalise and now this. I’d say things are way off the reservation, and it is something many of us have been concerned about.

When the day comes, and it really passed some time ago, that there are people so polarized, confused or just plain evil, to do something along these lines, we are in a very bad way, as a culture and society.

The minute I heard this on the radio, I never heard race being mentioned, which led me to believe that the killer was black, and the media was doing their usual covering up. Nope, he is white, and that kinda made me appreciate that, at least it wasn’t racially motivated.

We have entered a very deep and dark place. I just hope and pray that we can dig our way out of it.

Link to NYP.