To all you leftists...

What in the world do you think you are doing?

Do you really think that getting in people’s faces, cussing, threatening them with fists and running them out of restaurants, like Martin O’ Malley did, to Ken Cuccinelli, and how other restaurant patrons, and some others just stalking other people, like the lady AG in Florida, or Sarah Sanders, in the Red Hen incident, is going to help you win over voters? If this is how you act, when you lose campaigns, how do you think others will think of your ability to govern?

Did you really think you had enough time to brainwash enough kids, in the public school systems, and radical teaching colleges, to take enough of a load off your busy work schedule, of steering so far to the left that it would make Joe Stalin blush. You almost had us convinced, for about a minute. That’s the image you are painting, and you can’t deny it, if you use your brain for something, other than a calculator for figuring how much money you transferred into power, like it is equated a with some specific law of dynamics that you threw out the window, when you started all the scare of climate change.

Do you really think people are this stupid? That’s rhetorical, so don’t bother. But you should realize that serious voters look up to people who can show their ability to lead, not rule over, and you always let it slip out about your desire to rule over “we little people”, to the point that you are committing political suicide.

Don’t get me wrong, because I absolutely love the idea of you ruining your own party. It makes it so much more cost effective, and easier to campaign on issues people really believe in, when all we have to do is show up. It has been such a show(Really Big Show!, in the words of Ed Sullivan) to watch all of your candidates try to give away the entire country, and probably most of the world GDP, just to get elected. And then, watch a billionaire come in and try to spend his way to the White House. Oh, how original is that? Once again, rhetorical.

I can’t wait to see your October Surprise, next year, because it will be the functional equivalent of what you tried with “Justice Kavanaugh”, and you should let that sink in, but I know you won’t.

You lefties just never seem to learn that socialism, communism, of whatever other “-ism you choose, will never be what a country that was founded on freedom will ever choose. Ever!

Take all your garbage to Hong Kong, and join hands with the Chinese Communist Party. Xe needs more help because even Hong Kongers understand the principles of living in a free and just society.

And never underestimate the willingness of free people  to fight back against your ideas. Perhaps you were a couple decades away from your fantasy of brainwashing enough young skulls of mush to achieve your goals, which means you jumped the gun, and that will cost you dearly.

You have my permission to use that last little paragraph as the epitaph on your political tombstone. We have enough enemies without having one inside our own borders, so, bu bye!