The Latest Humiliation of the Chinese Communist Party

I don’t know how this hasn’t become a topic for discussion because it is a very important world event. I’m speaking of the recent Hong Kong election, where the dictators in Beijing were told to get lost, by a landslide election in the governance of Hong Kong. Communists were defeated in 17 of the 18 council districts that make up the Hong Kong area. Three million plus voters turned out. The pro-Democracy parties held 124 seats, before, and now control 388 seats out of the 479 seats available. The communist Party held about 180 seats and now hold only around 80. This will automatically be blown off by the CCP, and when the right time comes, for the CCP, and Xe Jinping, the problems will really begin, for the Hong Kong citizen. China will not let this ride sitting down.

Donald Trump enters into it, concerning his negotiations over all the trade disputes. Then comes the part about how Xe Jinping will react to the recent election. This could be a defining moment in how the world views freedom over tyranny, and tyranny has been getting much of the wins, other than this one.

All one has to do, to gauge how China will react, is to look back at Tianmen Square. A lot of chinese students got hurt and killed during that event, and China would just as soon the world forget that ever happened, but China also has to weigh how their economy is heading, their ambitious goal in the South China Sea, and how world view will affect that. Will China send the PLA into Hong Kong, and kill more HK citizens? I’m betting they will, but Trump may have saved that from happening by his remarks to China, and his tying the trade to humanitarian treatment. And the election shows resolve, when millions came out and recorded one of the world’s greatest representations of freedom loving people, taking a stand against a harsh and cruel regime, being those communist dictators puppets who all fall into lockstep with Dictator in chief, Xe Jinping, known as the Chinese Communist Party. What’s that phrase people use? “You will be made to care?” That will apply here, also. When Hong Kong proudly display the flag of the United State, more than many of our own citizens, they are actually roaring for independence and are showing the greatest respect for us, which means we should be doing whatever we can to come to their aid.

I have no idea if I ever met a single person from Hong Kong, but they make me proud.

My concern is that, with the record of China making a promise it never has kept, in the past, they will wait until they think enough time has passed, and then make a move on Hong Kong, attempt a forced blackout on the media, and start killing Hong Kong citizens in large numbers. That’s how they have operated in the past, and they never have followed their own agreements, with a rich history of breaking everyone of them and stealing intellectual property, to the tune of billions of dollars of stolen ideas that Americans and many other countries’ technological geniuses produced. just flat stolen! what makes anyone think they will do anything different, this time? We have seen the same thing happen with north Korea, repeatedly, who is China’s nearby country used as “plausible deniability” concerning weapons testing and cyber activity, that few seem to ever talk about.

These people are never to be trusted, because they view us, and everyone, including the Hong Kong citizens, as inferior class people. China has made their statement of intent known for decades, about what they think is theirs, and the rest of the world be damned.

Based on China’s recent past, my prediction is that Hong Kong could be the start of something very big, explosive and drag the world into a war. Their economy is much more fragile than most realize, and Trump knows it, and has acted accordingly. The tariffs that all the bulwarks think are so crippling to us are actually crippling the Chinese economy. Our stock market has not suffered a bit, and I haven’t heard anyone complaining about prices in the grocery store, or anywhere, like I expected, so that means what Trump is doing is correct. All the gloom and doom that was predicted has just gone and evaporated, but it has had a demonstrable effect on China. Unemployment has skyrocketed, plants are closing down, inventories are increasing, which means they have too much capacity and the CCP is only artificially propping up selected businesses, but letting many fail.

What I mean by China causing something very explosive is that when their economy fails, and it will fail, all they will be able to do is to speed up their campaign on taking Taiwan back, like it was ever theirs, crush any semblance of resistance in Hong Kong, and stake that claim to the world that the South China Sea is off limits to commercial and military vessels, without previous approval. All that will accomplish is the further problems with global supply and demand of anything China produces that the rest of the world still cares about. When a country becomes that desperate, that is how wars start, and we will be defending Taiwan, so, what Trump is doing, coming to the aid of the Hong Kong citizen, if only with words, is most important, even if it means it could end up in a world war.

I hope I’m wrong, but history is on my side. This may turn out to be a world shaping event.