Boris Johnson is pulling rabbits out of his top hat.

Boris Johnson speaks after being announced as the new leader of the Conservative Party in London, Tuesday, July 23, 2019. Brexit champion Boris Johnson won the contest to lead Britain's governing Conservative Party on Tuesday, and will become the country's next prime minister. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

Boris pulled a good one at the Conservative Conference, the other day, in his address to the party. He has come up with a deal that is angering the remainers, but is bringing the Northern Ireland border issue into a workable deal, and Northern Ireland, and Ireland seem to like it. Labour, the Liberal Democrats and all the rest of the left has gone mad trying to figure out a way for Boris to have to live up to the Benn “Surrender” Act, passed in the House of commons, recently, which requires him to go, with his tail between his legs and beg for an extension to Article 50, which is the pathway to leaving the European Union. What Boris did, was pull the rug out from under the remainers, who demanded that extension turn out to be an unraveling of Brexit.

Guy Verhofstadt, of the EU Parliament( the joke of a Democratic body) is scrambling to get Barnier, Juncker and Van der Layen to just give an extension to Article 50, without the request, because they see an alpha male in charge of the British government.  They are in a tizzy. It isn’t looking good for the Remainers, at all. And it will be the end of the EU. as other countries try to escape from the economic problems. I think the EU will see countries scramble like rats.

Boris’s plan deals with that so-called “Backstop” by removing any such language, and it guarantees British sovereignty by absolutely stating that there will be no membership in the Customs Union, no allowance of the European Court of Justice, no allowance of the EU Commission to regulate anything, concerning trade, labor relations, which has been a big deal, and will be in the upcoming EU Commission meeting, and that they will have to negotiate a new payment for exiting the EU, which may just end up as what Boris said would happen with no deal: zero!

Finally, someone with a spine, and who knows how to negotiate, will be at the table, amongst a bunch of communists. Talk about a shocker!

Jeremy Corbyn went nuts and declared Johnson’s offer as the worst thing that could happen to the UK, and he was the biggest euroskeptic in the UK, until he changed his mind, like all the rest of the remainers, who almost the entire House of Commons voted to invoke that Article 50, about three years ago. Funny thing about Corbyn’s response is that he hadn’t heard the first detail before he started running his mouth against it.

Now, it appears that the Liberal Democrats and Labour, and the rest of the runts, are scrambling to come up with something else to handcuff Boris, but this time, I think their chances are nil. Boris already decided to re-pro-rogue Parliament, and this time it is going to happen. Talk about cojones! That’s what their Supreme court said was illegal, last time.

All this stuff means is that the shackles come off of the UK, our ally, Trump gets to make a trade deal with the UK, and peace and harmony extends to at least one side of the pond. Trump will get another piece of good news to terrify Democrats with, if they don’t hurry up and execute him, and Mike Pence.

Now, if what I just said gets to make it to Halloween night… I think it will, this time

There is a new Halloween costume for Brits. It’s the Brexit costume. On sale now.

I’m impressed, anyway.