What the heck is Boris Johnson doing?

Britain's former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson sits with his eyes closed as he attends the fifth cricket test match of a five match series between England and India at the Oval cricket ground in London, Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018. Johnson and his wife issued a joint statement on Friday that they separated some time ago and are now in the process of divorcing. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

Just the other day, he said that he wasn’t interested in teaming up with the Brexit Party to win a definitive majority in the upcoming Parliamentary House elections, whenever that  happens. It might be a signal that Boris is actually looking more for a deal, and less worry about getting the UK out of the EU, because any deal he reaches, which the EU has said that they are done with the dealings and extensions, has to be voted on in the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and then ascent by the Queen, and, with the makeup of the House, that is nigh impossible to achieve.

The House of Commons has voted to tie his hands, by telling he has to go and ask for a specific deal, or nothing, something that he has said he would rather “Die in a ditch” rather than go and be made a fool of. It is most certain, about only one thing, that the House of Commons is at odds with the people of the UK, and will handily be defeated in a general election, which Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has said will only happen after Johnson does deliver the impossible, which Jonson said he wouldn’t do. Johnson has said he is trying to negotiate a deal with the EU, but those might just be words, and really, why would he wish to? There are already contingencies built in to exiting the EU, with up to six months of stablizing done, to insure a steady and smooth transition.

Without a deal, which is really the way to go, he can’t do anything, other than run out the clock, up to Halloween night, this year, which he is already doing. Will this be the shortest term a Prime Minister stays in office? Maybe, but whenever the next general election takes place, expect to see the conservatives take the same bloodbath the Labour will, just because he snubbed Nigel Farage.

Farage is set to run the 600+ candidates needed to make the entire House look like a bloodbath it deserves. I just hope Farage can beat the heck out of all those remainers, and eventually give the Conservative Party a rebirth of the new blood it needs. If someone can tell me what is inside the PM’s head, please let me know.