Well, the Feminist Prime minister... What can I say?

In this June 8, 2017 photo, oil derricks are busy pumping as the moon rises near the La Paloma Generating Station in McKittrick, Calif. California’s vast San Joaquin Valley, the country’s most productive farming region, is engulfed by some of the nation’s dirtiest skies, forcing the state’s largest air district to spend more than $40 billion in the past quarter-century to enforce hundreds of stringent pollution rules. Its bad air is the byproduct of booming farms, oil production, two major highways, a web of rail lines - and the valley’s bowl-shaped geography. (AP Photo/Gary Kazanjian)

Justin Trudeau just betrayed his entire working class over a deal he just made with China. Canada is being made a laughing stock with it’s feminist PM. Just the other day, Trudeau allowed China to produce a liquefied natural gas port on Canadian soil, by what is referred to as modular construction, which allows China to build the entire facility on Chinese soil, ship it to Canada, and lay to waste all the steel and concrete fabricators, engineers and ancillary jobs this project, which is estimated to be in the neighborhood of between $42 and $80 Billion, in Canadian dollars, while he has thousands of people in Alberta, specifically, and a lot of other unemployed people laying around and just watching TV, or trying to find whatever work they can, elsewhere in his country.

Why would a leader of a country do this? It has nothing to do with Trump, but that does seem to be part of the picture, considering Trump did get one over on the Canadians, at least in their minds, when he made a phone call to get that executive from Huawei arrested. The feminist heir of a huge inheritance from another idiot of Canadian political infamy, Pierre Trudeau, was raised in private schools, his entire life, was raised to think of his people as mere proletariats, while kissing just enough babies to become their PM, and this is how he treats his own proles.

Also, why would a PM in Canada do this, except to appease a giant, who steals from everyone, and who has been found guilty in Canada, of dumping inferior steel and other materials into his country? Something will have to change north of the border. China has two diplomats under arrest, and this is the way Trudeau deals with it?

I bought a stock that was part of the Canadian oil sands, several years ago, and, like a fool and his money parting ways, I didn’t find out what was going on in Canada, particularly in the western provinces, but run by the leftists, before I bought it. The left is refusing to build pipelines to get their oil to market, and the same is with natural gas, which is what happened to my stock. Calgary, Alberta is the Canadian version of the Texas oil patch, and Trudeau and the lefties think they are just a bunch of idiots who are polluting the environment, or so they say, and have destroyed as much of Alberta as they can. All this will change overnight with a conservative government who understands markets and supply and demand, and freedom.

A large part of our petroleum comes from Canada, as far south as Tennessee, where I live, according to many sources, which takes a lot of strain off our refineries and production, and it is made from oil sands and traditional oil. I wonder how many knew that, down here?

Canada actually has “Shovel ready jobs” and look how their PM treats the voter. Yeh, China.

I know I can’t wait until the day that Trudeau gets booted out of office, and we once again, have a sane trading partner to our north.

I enjoy watching Ezra Levant, on Rebel Media. If he hadn’t brought this criminal activity up, no one else in the Canadian media would have. It is criminal. Sheila Gunn Reid is also a part of Rebel Media, who does a great job of exposing the crap that Trudeau inflicts on Albertans, and is a good source for information on Canada.

Somehow, there is a thread connecting this to us in the USA, and Great Britain and several other countries. I think it is called leftism, don’t you?