Good to see Boris Johnson cleanse his party. I wish we could, don't you?

Boris Johnson lived up to his threat, against any defectors in a vote, the other day. One can see him cleansing his party of those RINOs, for lack of a better term, who, once again, betrayed their voters wishes.

Just about the entire House of Commons voted to pass Article 50, when Theresa May was the PM, which was a decision to make a one way exit from the European Union, and Article 50 never specified a deal, or not. It just stated that the process begun the exit from the treaties the UK was beholden to, beforehand. This latest row was over the House of Commons voting on a bill to, guess what? Thwart the no deal Brexit! Boris actually made the threat, and lived up on his threat, when some 20 or so Tory MPs defected to vote to pass this blocking effort, which will still fail because the House of Lords is pretty firmly on the PM’s side, concerning Brexit, with only a few detractors. You can go to Youtube and watch some of the most lame coverage of this taking shape, when it is a real test of a democracy in action. My bet is that Johnson has just done the best thing possible for the British voting public, and I think they will reward him with a strong Tory led government whenever an election comes around.

Ever since then, the UK has been subjected to attitudes, actually from both major political parties, the Labour and Tory Parties, and has culminated into a free for all attempt to undo everything Article 50 represents. Actual leaders have made this into a way to gain power: Jeremy Corbyn is the best example. But the old communist has a problem, with his polling. The Labour Party is in a decline, mostly because Corbyn, who was himself, a leaver, at one point, has made the whole mess toxic, to the point that his own party wants him gone. If an election were to happen, today, the Labour Party would lose half it’s seats in the House of Commons, according to polls, and the Brexit Party, combined with the Tories would gain a massive majority, that is , if Boris and Nigel Farage has a sit down and agrees to take things to the next level.

With the latest polling, the Tories have a roughly ten percent lead over the Labour mess of a party, and there are some in Labour who are actually living up to their constituents desires, to leave the EU, but only a few. when Boris Johnson kicked out the RINOs, the other day, he lost the whip, and that means he has a minority ruling government, but all is not lost, because he still has a way to have that election, and it can’t come, effectively, until after Halloween night, when they have left the EU. That lead doesn’t sound like much, but it is in favor of the Tories over Labour, 35% to 25%, and the Brexit Party has about 11-12%, leaving the rest in the dust. when you have a bunch of parties, like the UK has, it’s easy to forget the bottom 10%. They’re Socies, Greenies and Commies.

Jeremy Corbyn is about to be a hobo on the side of the British railways tracks, and he knows it. One can draw several parallels between the UK and the US political scene, one that both groups have become more radicalized, which means that this fight will get dirtier before it is over, but after the UK leaves the EU, on Halloween night 2019, the fight will have been modulated to a more tolerable level, and the UK can get back to being a nation state.

The only thing I wonder, is what Nigel Farage is thinking, concerning the future of his Brexit Party. I admire him, and I hope to see him continue to keep the Tories to the right, something that is very difficult.