China, part 3

The executive of Hong Kong has really screwed up. Carrie Lam, a puppet mayor figure for the CPC, has contradicted herself in her public statements, and an intended private recording of her comments at a dinner, that just got the Hong Kong residents even angrier.

Privately, she said, if she could resign, she would have, already, but that she is essentially having to play both sides to keep from losing her head, I guess. Publicly, she is saying, so politically and smooth, like any other politician would, that she never tendered her resignation, which is just saying that she never even considered the thought. She complains that she can’t even go to the hair salon, poor gal. Lam did say that she withdrew the extradition bill, that allowed China to extradite anyone on Hong Kong proper, including anyone, not just Hong Kong protesters they claim are rioters. The protesters are not as satisfied with this as she expected, and they are saying that this is too little too late. Mainland China, according to Lam, herself, is going to play long ball, and crush the Hong Kong economy, and let it lay to waste, while these protests continue. she may say that, and she may be right, but if China’s recent history serves me better, as in re-education camps for the Uighur’s, among other dissenters, this will just end up in more of that, for Hong Kong residents who survive what I think will be coming down the pike.

Hong Kong’s economy has been crippled by the mainland’s abuse, by money laundering, buying up all the real estate and the build up of several large ports to compete with what made Hong Kong a great trading and economic powerhouse. I think mainland China is getting tired of the Hong Kong experiment in free people and free markets, and when Hong Kong falls, so does mainland China, because the two are inextricably linked. Hong Kong can’t, and won’t survive in a communist mafia run government, and mainland China can’t survive all the economic pressure from the trade war that many still seem to think Trump started, when he didn’t. He is just finishing the trade war they started by their theft of everything, being the dishonest players in world economic trade. When the walls come down, and China uses more force, and that is right around the corner, mainland China will cause their next Tianmen, and will wonder where all the trade went. That is when all bets are off as to what China does next, because they will fail as a country.

I just don’t see the protesters quitting, and they have been at it for around three months. That is a lifetime for a protest, anywhere.

I have a question, but it is sadly rhetorical. Why haven’t we seen this, in the USA, over the decades of tyranny thrown at us by the left? Our left is equally as dangerous as the Chinese Communist Party. The only difference is where the left is at. They are working steadily for the same thing, here.