It's about sixty days to Brexit, and the clowns are in the street...

eating cheese, dancing around, and otherwise looking stupid. The “Remainers” in England will be holding a candle light vigil for the execution of a perfectly reasonable law, one that puts English sovereignty back where it should have never left. What’s even funnier about the Brexit thing was what happened that introduced “Project Fear”. The remainers, being David Cameron, and his Home Secretary, Theresa May, along with a bunch of the bureacrats, who put out all kinds of false data showing how all Hell would break loose if the voter voted to leave, and all of it was pure speculation, none based on fact, because you can’t predict those future events with any great certainty, can you? Project Fear is still in effect, but David Cameron sent to every person with a postal address in the British Isles, warning them of what their choice would look like, and it was heavily tilted to get them to vote to remain, because he took a gamble in pushing the vote, to begin with. It was almost like a big bluff. There were plenty of places to see where everyone in the UK were informed that once that path to leave was started, with or without a deal, there was no turning back, but the remainers are lying like big dogs, every single day, just to say that was never brought to the public. The House of Lords is often the funniest of the bunch, since they were never elected, and they think they have a plan to stop Brexit. Then, the Jeremy Corbin communists, who many even voted to leave, have backpedaled, all for the cause of gaining power and the PM’s job.

Brexit will happen, regardless, this time, because there is nothing that can stop it.

I guess the only reason to tell about this is because it will affect the US, in good ways, and will help to “Tear down that wall” that was built by the latest version of communism: The European Union. They are on the slide, and they publicly have no idea how it is taking shape, but I’ll bet they are wondering when the European Central Bank will be getting the bailout required to fund what the Kingdom is keeping from them. The EU is going to have to deal with Poland, Hungary and Italy, next, and that may not sound like much, but Poland, alone is becoming a powerhouse, one that you never hear about in the news, once again. Do you see a trend developing among the newsies?

It’s called Freedom, and it is a movement. Great! But is it too late?

The EU intervened in quite a few elections, over the years, to redo elections into their liking, and against the will of Greece, Italy, Poland, Hungary, and I’m sure a few others. They don’t understand why Marine le Pen is polling equal to Macron, in France(Vive la France!), Orban got an overwhelming majority in his last election, in Hungary, and Salvini is having the last word in Italy, after a bunch of turmoil started by the EU’s tampering in their elections, for several years, by now.

Now, who was it who said “Hope and Change” and people fell at his feet, being the great emperor of change in the US? Some following he garnered, wasn’t it? I guess all that hope and change swam across the big pond, and started their own chapter, but this time, the right people saw destiny, and are beginning to turn Europe around. Do I think the nationalists will succeed? Sure, to an extent, but after Frau Merkel, and her cronies at the Brussels Branch of Communism decided to flood those “Refugees” into the old beautiful European landscape, it could all easily and swiftly fall apart. The only thing holding that subcontinent together, right now, are the people who have gone and decided sovereignty might just be something to embrace, once again. But they have to decide their fate, with culture being the one piece of glue that held them together for centuries, before they just take the first step, because they have had an overdose of old globalists(George Soros, the Davos crowd, the Rothschilds and other wealthy globalist families) doing their thinking for them for far too long. and you can’t just sit by, idly, and let your culture disintegrate before your eyes.

Some already say that the entire subcontinent is already a dying lost cause, and they have plenty reason to think so. I kind of can be witness to this, since my son lives in Mainz, Germany, just outside of Frankfurt. The sickening trend in Europe is to have your babies after you establish yourself in whatever business or trade you prefer, and that is a ticking time bomb, because that old biological time clock puts a huge limiter on the end of those other earthly desires and selfishness the Europeans tend to embrace. With the millions of “Refugees” dumped on European soil, and them having babies, like rabbits, and the most popular baby name being Muhammed, does that give a proud, sane, European, who can trace his ancestry back to the time of the Hapsburgs, happy? I doubt it, but Europe is a unique bunch of people, diverse and turning so leftist, since before WWII, up to today, that they are still begging forgiveness to places, like Poland, who got the real damage from the NAZIs, and the modern Germany is still apologizing, or as I’d rather see it as making excuses for their socialist behavior.

When I visited Freiburg, and a bunch of other real neat places in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, in 2014, I was spared the brunt of the refugee garbage Frau Merkel started, and I am so thankful, because, after our stay in that beautiful city(kind of a quaint place to call a city), I have only the best of memories. but after we came back, got told to take our shoes off and get sniffed and fondled by the nuts at the airport, I finally started hearing those rumblings of problems. It got so close as to have happened twice, in Freiburg, alone. On two separate incidents, Afghans, African gangs raped a college girl. One was killed, the other lived to tell about it. After learning about that, my son said he was walking back from a party, and was ambushed by some of the same type of thugs in an alley in downtown old city of Freiburg. He dispensed with the problem. He is pretty well trained and exercises like a fool, gave one at least a broken arm. Now, that is starting to get close, and those guys were not just Euro trash. Euro trash couldn’t lift their finger to pick their own nose, but they sure do dress up like clowns and do the drug crap all over the EU. I think euro Trash is a good name for the modern day bum, and not much else.

Then you begin to hear all the great results that those refugees are demonstrating, all to end up throwing some parent and child into a moving train at Frankfurt am Main. We boarded at that fantastic piece of a train station to take the train to Freiburg. I saw all kinds of Politzei around there, and that makes it more crazy that the refugee succeeded.

Back to where I started, the EU is going to fail, one day, and it will be because of all those old socialists and Davos nuts diluting the culture, to the point that there will be nothing left, except a new state of Islam, and that is just what Muhammed wants. Trouble is that there will be so many Muhammeds that no one will recognize him. And the European experiment will have been finally deemed a failure, but what different does it make when you give up that sovereignty, to begin with, and have to fight to take it back, meanwhile being invaded?

I only got to visit Europe, once, and will miss it, dearly. Maybe there will be something left of the Kingdom, and I get a chance to eat a real cottage pie, or British fish ‘n chips, before that, too, is gone. One can dream, can’t he?