Our Values Keep Us Safe???

The current President of the United States of America said

“We uphold our most cherished values not only because doing so is right, but because it strengthens our country and it keeps us safe.” 

Keeps us safe? What!?

We are in serious trouble because the leader of the free world apparently does not understand we were attacked on 9/11 due to our cherished values not spared because of them.

Does this president really believe if we are just good and nice enough then people won’t want to hurt us?

Does he not understand that there comes a time when we have to directly confront those who wish to destroy our values and take away the freedoms for which so many have given their lives to create and preserve for us?

I am afraid the current administration’s attitude is just going to embolden the enemies of freedom abroad and we will be seeing more conflict in the near future.

We are headed the wrong direction under a leader whose naiveté is leaving us vulnerable.