Restoring Primacy To Our Constitution

2014-10-10_CITIZENS-_FOUNDERS_ON_Govt_IntrusionThis note is a brief introduction to a more COMPLETE  chart  version of an article about several recent examples of significant concern for American governance posted to Slideshare: 

http://www.slideshare.net/MarkS181/preserving-the-constitution-some-current-issues-solns-final-versn .  

Today, we are often “treated” to the harangues of those who decry our CONSTITUTION as “out of date” for modern times. But such harangues are ignorant of the full background of our Constitution.  It’s a very extensive  background that goes back many millennia and is rooted not only in the creativity of the best political minds, but also of the most moral and spiritual minds – – hardly a recipe for early obsolescence and  archaic relevance.   

So the 1st part of the full article provides some summary insight and appreciation of the wisdom that preceded the Founders and then speaks to the Founders’ unique brilliance in understanding history and adopting a governance that history demonstrated to be hugely successful, while addressing the fatal flaws that had defeated other governance options.  Moreover, the Constitution we have received from our forebears carries within it the ability to be modified by those being governed by it, so it is an ideal vehicle for a Free People who take responsibility for their own governance.  

In the full article, some major present day Governance flaws are reviewed in light of our Constitution, and Solutions are proposed  that align with our Constitution – – and incorporate the concepts of LIMITED GOVERNMENT, BALANCE OF POWERS, “RULE OF LAW”, and THE CITIZENS’ VOICE  – – all crucial to a FREE CITIZENRY. For specificity, 3 major current issues are reviewed: 


Now, the Constitution is a lynchpin in the retention of THE RULE OF LAW  for American Governance. But in recent years, it would seem that at least 2 Branches of American Governance have never heard of Jefferson and Madison.  Even when issues arise that raise questions of Constitutional violations, the Executive and Legislative branches focus on the problem at hand in political terms and the issue of Constitutional governance seems to become a matter of minor concern.  But that is surely a gross misrepresentation of fact.

The 3 current issues discussed are important, yet are just selected examples of many that could be cited; therefore the solutions, presented in the LINKED article, have been developed to be broad and durable. Thus solutions to the 3 issues are presented in the form of draft Constitutional Amendments, which are stated in somewhat general terms with the objective of each Amendment being widely applicable to other current issues of broken governance.  A short list of such further applications is shown in the Slideshare LINK  for each of the 10 or so Amendments presented.   The interested reader is cordially invited to review the full presentation and offer his/her own thoughts as well.  Let’s all continue to be Proud Americans and Citizens who see it our duty to bequeath to our children, the legacy the Founders provided for us.