Why is Nigeria 5th in foreign web users at barackobama.com

Reflecting from Mark Levin’s sobering post and as Gatewaypundit wonders about campaign donation fraud on Obama’s website, I have to wonder about the potential fraud on Obama’s campaign donor site.

I wonder why Nigeria, the most corrupt country well known for scams and credit card fraud, is 5th in foreign country visitors to Obama’s Website. Its unusual because Nigeria is ranked higher than China, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, and a bunch of other more populated countries. Nigeria is well known for pulling scams and credit card fraud. There was already $630K seized in Nigeria that was raised for the Obama campaign.

Is there a huge scam eminating from Nigeria???

Who knows, but obama intentionally turning off its Address Verification System opens its site up to enormous fraud. With the media failing to do any investigations, we may never know. Basically, anybody anywhere can donate to the site and put a false address. Anybody can! Anybody can do it multiple times. What does this say about how Obama would handle National Security if he became president.

This is probably the biggest fraud opening in US history.

It is appalling that a US Presidential campaign does not put necessary safeguards to protect it from foreign influence.

It does not take that many users to make multiple donations that would add up to millions of dollars. Who knows, it could be like a sweatshop where people in foreign countries are just donating constantly. There are other countries at the top (like India and Iran). The 5th ranking is only by users, so each user can be visiting the site thousands of times.

The point is we the people of th USA have no clue what is going on with the donations to the Obama site. They have not provided any transparency to donations under $200. Even donations above $200, we have no clue if the donors are false. Turning off Address Verification means someone from Nigeria can donate $2K and put a normal name John Smith from Cleveland, Ohio, and noone would know it was from another country. That same donor can then donate another $2K and put a different name and pass under the FEC radar.

There is no transparency. This is a potential huge fraud the Obama campaign is pulling, and the kool-aid media does not care. The media has utterly failed the American people.

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