MESSAGE RESPONSE to Palin's Clothing: Obamas $800K for Acorn Fraud Much Worse

NYTimes is doing their biased reporting as usual. Fortunately, they are running out of cash. Especially with a credit freeze, they can tank into bankruptcy very easily.

I think we collectively have to try to get everyone on the same response message. Whenever Palin’s clothing spend is mentioned, we should respond with “Much worse and relevant is the $800K Obama spent for Acorn Fraud.” The key words are “$800K” and “Acorn Fraud”.

All the surrogates and supporters are scatter gunning responses. McCain’s response was lame in saying it will all be donated to charity. The “$800K Acorn Fraud” pivots and puts the attention back on Obama.

Like my previous post, it is irritating that the McCain campaign is so incompetent in responding. Obama’s campaign always shifts the attention to the other side. When they are attacked on fraudulent contributions, they always put it back that the McCain campaign has the same trouble. Even if Obama’s contributions are much more fraudulent, it gives the impression of equality on both sides.

I’m puzzled why the McCain campaign doesn’t know this simple tactic of reframing. It could be too late, but there were so many missed reframing opportunities.

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