McCain Campaign Needs To Get Its Act Together NOW!

The incompetency of the McCain campaign is getting really irritating.

First, they can’t stick to one clear message and then frame everything to support it. They use a scatter gun approach.

Second, they have no ability to respond to or reframe attacks on them. They do not have one clear response to any attacks nor seem to tell their surrogates any talking points. Every time a senior campaign person is on television, they seem to just say the first thing that comes out of their head and don’t come with a battle plan on what message the hammer home (see any of Nicole Wallace or the other Pf lady).

This lame $150K clothing hit on Palin has pretty much been let out there without a response.. How about having everybody respond with the $800K Obama used to spend on voter registration fraud?

Then the travel expenses hit on Palin is also left unanswered without one clear response. How about responding with the millions of dollars Obama’s developer friends received for failed housing in the name of “low-income” subsidies. Why don’t they add up the millions his developer friends received and keep saying something like “Obama’s advisers/donors receive $XXM in subsidies for epic failed housing”.

This campaign seems to be being run by Democrats. Where is the clear and succinct strategy that Republicans usually have???

Less than two weeks out, I still don’t know what message to hit on Obama. Is it Redistribution? Joe? Acorn? What is it?

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