Obama's 30-min late night infomercial suggestions

Update: As the NY Times babbles about nonsense (don’t click on the link, not worth it), it’s nice to recall the suggestions for Obama’s late night infomercial.

Just like the other infomercials on late at nite, it’ll be fun to see his sales pitch. Here are some suggestions:

He could do Socialized Healthcare Gone Wild. This is where he visits all the nationalized health care systems in the world and notices the very long wait times in Canada and the poor quality of service in European countries. Back in the US, he can show employers losing the healthcare benefits since the gov’t will bare it all.

Or he could try Get Yourself Out of Debt with Redistribution Tax Policies. He can show how he will tax the successful small businesses and give the money to people with huge amounts of credit card debt. He can then show the resulting high unemployment rate and stagnant economy.

He could try Enlarging the Government. He can demonstrate how his magic policies can make the Government bigger and bigger while screwing the hard-working entrepreneurs. For instance, he can show his support for votes on the huge farm and energy bills with lots of subsidies for big businesses making it harder for smaller businesses to compete.

Maybe he can do the Spread the Wealth Workout Machine. He can show how a routine of spreading the wealth will result in spreading the misery. A couple percent this year, another two next, and another each year after, and you have everybody sharing the misery, I mean wealth.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see what Obama’s trying to sell during his late night infomercial.