Stay on message - redistribution of wealth

McCains’ campaign is still lacking a focused message.

Davis is thinking of using wright again.

HELLO! pick a message and stick to it!

*The “spreading the wealth”, “redistribution of wealth” seems to be the most effective message thus far. *

McCain should be emailing every journalist/blogger about the many examples of Obama’s “redistribution of wealth”.

  • his past housing policy and failure
  • current housing policy
  • his tax policy
  • nationalized healthcare policy
  • any other examples

This lack of focus is really irritating. STICK to ONE message. Have these guy’s ran a campaign before???

Also, “joe the plumber” is good, but like many bloggers have said, its got to be reframed and refocused on Obama, not just on Joe. The whining about media treatment is justified, but wasting valuable message space.

Stick to the message: “joe’s wealth is going to be redistributed by Obama’s policies”, not “joe’s being treated unfairly, boo hoo”.