How do we successfully communicate who Bill Ayers is, why is this important?

I’ve heard pundits refer to Ayers as a terrorist, even describe what he’d done and that he’s admitted to it. The story still isn’t gaining traction. Why? Two reasons: 1) there’s no emotional attachment to Bill Ayers; 2) it happened too long ago for most people to remember it or how they felt at that time.Personally, I remember exactly where I was when I saw the images of the Oklahoma Federal building. I was very disturbed by the event and the stories that came out. Timothy McVey is the modern day Bill Ayers… both were attacking government buildings with explosives, both killed people for ideology gone astray.

McCain and Palin need to tie the emotion of McVey to the Ayers events. Nearly all voters will remember McVey and the terror he levied in Oklahoma.

Using this story, the candidates can draw an analogy of a fictitious candidate who had their very first step into politics at McVey’s home, with his best friends providing the very first campaign contributions. The friendship also extends to business where McVey offered an important board seat to this candidate and worked closely on projects together for many years. Conclusion: Bill Ayers is the Timothy McVey of the 1960’s, ideology gone awry; the candidate isn’t fictitious, he’s one step away from the Whitehouse.

Thought provoking?