Glenn Beck on His Health Issues and Counting the Cost

As my colleague Michael van der Galien noted yesterday, Glenn Beck, who has for some months been experiencing a number of health issues, is taking some time off to attempt to have them properly diagnosed.

Next week on Monday and Tuesday, I am going to take time off. I’m going out West to have some testing done. I have told you before that I have been losing feeling in my hands and my feet and I have been feeling tingling in my hands and my feet, and it’s traveling up my arms and it’s just a very bizarre sensation. … I’ve told you also that I have been diagnosed with macular dystrophy, which means that I love this diagnosis I could be totally fine with eyesight for the rest of my life, or I could be blind within a year. The macular dystrophy has not progressed at all in the two months since it’s been diagnosed, but there’s something else that has also been going on. And if you’re a long time listener, you might be even be able to tell it I can just by listening to my voice now. There is something wrong with my voice, and we’re not sure what it is.

(Full transcript here).

Beck was quick to knock down conspiracy theories–especially those dealing with slow poison and/or nano-bots—and his doctors seem to have ruled out stress as the root cause of his current ailments, but given the multitudes on the Left who’ve been gleefully pushing pins into his effigy for a couple of years now it is difficult to see how this very public and sustained level of vilification could not have taken a toll. Beck has said numerous times that no amount of fame can compensate for being hated by so many people or for the persistent and credible threats to him and his family that require security arrangements more appropriate for a head of state.

If any of this seems melodramatic (as to the Left, who actually stage manage the threats being responded to, it always does) imagine for a second you’re standing in front of 300,000 people, wearing a bulletproof vest “for your wife” and wondering if someone behind you–in an area you were not allowed to secure–is going to shoot you in the back before your own people can respond. That was Beck’s reality at the 8/28 rally, and, at the risk of sounding flip, my fingers would tingle a little too.

But perhaps equally important, which Beck alluded to at some length, is the effect of soul searing.

The last 24 hours as I’ve been thinking about the doctors saying we’re looking for toxins, we’re looking for poisons in your body, I know what they are. For four years I have tried to understand the mind of what I believe are monsters. It started with Walter Lippmann. The first book that I closed and said I can’t read this anymore was Walter Lippmann. And it was about how they can breed better people and how there are undesirables. I never finished the book. That was the first one. And for four years I have been trying to understand the minds of people that I think are so misled, and they are the exact opposite of what I have tried to be, what I want to be, what I strive for. But I have done it because I have to, I have to understand it, I have to see what’s try to understand to explain what’s coming, what’s happening. And not for you but for my children.

I believe we can be better people. I believe in the American experiment. But I also believe there are very misguided people, and I have been drinking that poison, which others may not find poison, but I do because it is exact opposite of me. And I have been “That which you gaze upon, you become.”

Those of us who have waded through “Rules for Radicals,” “Nudge” or “The Coming Insurrection” (never mind Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Media Matters and virtually anything produced by MSNBC) more than understand the dangers of swimming in polluted water. Even covering lightweight buffoons like Keith Olbermann can become a force of will issue and editors and colleagues will warn, without a hint of irony, of burnout factor from prolonged exposure.

Finally, Beck asked for prayers for “a desire to continue to stand.”

For those who’ve been skimming to this point it can’t be a lot of fun to be Glenn Beck right now. Administration surrogates are working overtime to put you out of business, some truly vile and nasty people–at all points in the power continuum–wish you ill, you’re the piñata of choice for every third-rate writer, vacuous talking head, pseudo-intellectual and political hack in the Western Hemisphere (better known as the mainstream media), there have been threats on your life credible enough to involve the FBI … And that’s just the part we know about. “Desire to continue to stand?” In his place my prayer request would be “give me guidance to pick the right color scheme for the remote and well guarded compound I plan to retire to about five minutes after this broadcast.”

That said, I will respect his prayer request but I will also add a prayer of my own. It will start with “Father God,” end with “Amen” and include the phrase “good and faithful servant.” The middle part will be largely taken up with Beck finding peace in the magnitude of his accomplishments and the realization that having successfully spread the alarm he is not alone anymore. It will conclude with (and this is best delivered in a French-Canadian accent) a “fight-me-fight-my-gang” supplication, wherein so many of us stand up on our hind legs that attacking Beck is rendered pointless. I am not sure that one isn’t already in the pipeline, if you know what I mean.

As one of many who owe Beck a great debt, I wish him a quick diagnosis and a speedy recovery.

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