GOP To Blame for Obamanation

“(Insert Year Here) is the most important election in the history of this country!” Most of us have heard this at least once in our lifetime. And I’m sure our parents and grandparents have heard it at one time or another. And that’s why it’s so hard for me to say it now. But I am compelled by what I see happening in my country to pull the much abused statement out, dust it off and scream it from the rooftop.

Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, we have seen our government go from a center-right path to an extreme left leaning tack. Yes, Obama told us during the campaign that he would lead a “fundamental change” in the way our government worked, and in the way government tackled the social and economic ills that confront us. He set a stage that drew liberals and moderates out of the woodwork to support him, saying that he would run an efficient and open administration. When being honest, many conservatives have to admit that they were tempted to allow themselves to be swept up in the excitement as well.

We had, after all, painted ourselves into a corner. We had allowed the state of New Hamphire to open it’s primary to whoever wanted to call themselves a Republican. As a result, they gave the victory to John McCain instead of the conservative favorite, Mitt Romney. McCain, already running behind Obama and Hillary Clinton, needed to do something to shake the race up. What did he do? He picked the unknown Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. So, we were left to face the young, exciting, charismatic Barack Obama with a 70 year old moderate Republican who selected a running mate who had no clue about the world outside of Alaska. Result? Obama romps.  And now, we howl with anger because Obama is doing what he said he would do.

Note to the GOP governing Committee: There should always be a fair primary competition between anyone who chooses to seek the nomination. For too long,  you have made the decision about who you will throw resources to before a single primary has been run. You have your own “merit system” that is going to destroy our chances in 2010 if you don’t knock it off. In 1996, you decided that Bob Dole had “earned a shot” at the White House due to his years of hard work and fine reputation. Again, an aging legistator running against a youthful and energetic Bill Clinton. In 2000, you put your money behind George W. Bush who spent us into a huge deficit again.  Due to the overwhelming fear that people had about the chances of a second attack on the U.S., he was re-elected in 2004. 2006 saw the GOP take terrible hits in the polls and eventually lost control of the Congress. In 2008, John McCain was pushed on us because he had paid his dues in the drubbing he took by GW Bush in 2000.

That brings us to the opportunity that we have to recover those losses and then some in 2010. Obama has run roughshod over the citizens of the United States in passing the Health Care Bill. Americans became incensed over the Slaughter Solution that would have shredded the Constitution. We were angry when we learned of the kickbacks and give-aways that were included in the bill to appease wavering legislators. Republicans can be proud that they remained solid in their rejection of this boodoggle. With this victory under his belt, Obama is planning to steamroll ahead. He is willing to go it alone with the Democratic majority on Cap and Trade, immigration, card check, and the rest of his agenda if necessary. And that agenda is daunting.

Obama Promises Not Yet Enacted:

  • Increase taxes on capital gains and dividends for those earning over $250k
  • Raise taxes on oil and gas production
  • Phase out deductions and exemptions for those earning over $250k
  • Require comapnies that employ 25 workers of more to offer FMLA, down from 50 employees
  • Require all companies to provide 7 paid sick days to all employees
  • Set aside $1.5 billion to help states offer paid time off for FMLA
  • Expand the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to include sexual orientation and gender identification.

To make matters worse, Obama has broken a number of his campaign promises. And most of them were the ones that appealed to the majority of Americans:

  • End income tax for seniors making less than $25k per year
  • End no-bid contracts over $25k
  • Allow 5 days for public comment before signing bill into law
  • Tougher laws regarding former lobbyists working in White House
  • Reduce earmarks to 1994 levels
  • Negotiate Health Care Plan on C-Span

So, are we going in the right direction here? I certainly don’t think so…and I’m willing to say it. Will the GOP wake up in time to see that? Who knows. The party is currently run by Michael Steele, who appears to be enriching himself over the party. Steele says that the GOP is not ready to regain power in Washington, but then wants all the credit when there are GOP victories. Moreover, he seems to be out of control in spending party cash. He spent $30,000 for private cars and planes in the month of February. He had bills totalling nearly $19,000 from a single trip to Hollywood, including a $1900 bill at a club that features a bondage themed show and includes topless lesbians imitating sex acts. Steele, of course, has no idea where those bills came from and vigorously denies any knowledge of how such a mistake could occur. I think it’s time to kick this one to the curb.

There are plenty of issues which Republicans can run on. The CBO is now saying that the budget deficit will be $9.8 trillion by the end of the decade. Kinda makes the HC bills deficit reduction of $130 billion look rather puny. With all of the new “fees” and tax increases on businesses to fund the HC system, there will be less money to hire workers, so the employment outlook will continue to look bleak. Medical costs can be expected to go up due to the tax that will be put on producers of medical equipment, among other things. We can’t just rail against these things, we must have solutions that we can explain to the voters.

Another important equation in the election mix will be how the newly empowered Tea Party Movement handles itself. So far, I’m not terribly impressed. They are being shown in the press to be screaming, angry, costume wearing, whack jobs who don’t really have a clue about what’s happening in the world other than they’re pissed. I’ve yet to hear any of them offer a reasonable alternative to Obama’s agenda other than calling him a socialist who just might be the Anti-Christ. We have to do better at educating ourselves if we’re going to topple the ObamaNation. And just because someone calls himself a Tea Party Patriot, doesn’t mean I’m going to jump to their cause. The Democrats are crafty, and they know we’re coming for them. They wrote the handbook on controlling the media and distorting reality for their gain. So we must not allow them to paint us as out of touch with what is needed in this country. And again, we must be able to articulate our vision, and our solutions to the problems that plaque our citizens.

So, here I go….2010 is going to be the most important election in the history of the United States.