Fighting for Reagan's City on the Hill

In 1980, Ronald Reagan described America as “a shining city on a hill.” In 2010 we have a decision to make. We can either vote to empower and brighten that that light, or we can vote to shut the lights out and begin the demolition process. I’m not being overly dramatic here. That’s just how important I think the vote this year is. We can allow the democrats is congress to follow President Obama’s lead in bankrupting the country, or we can do something about it.

As 2010 begins, conservatives are in a frenzy. We are wailing and gnashing our teeth. Now we’ve begun to drool over our prospects at re-taking congress in November. Oh, really? Do we think this is possible? I do. But it will take way more work than we are willing to do.

The shining city is still visisble through the gathering clouds, and I can see it. Reaching it, however, has rarely been so daunting. The hill is steep, and those willing to climb to it are few. Most of us will be content to sit back and vote for those that offer to do the climbing for us. But if that is all we offer, our vote, then we will likely not make it. We have seen it before. “Conservatives” have promised to take us all to the shining city, but they tire along the way. They were distracted by the view, they were hoodwinked by liberals who were abandoning the city, or they became enraptured by their own ability to climb. In any case, it’s time to find true climbers.

In 2000, we were told by the Republican Party leadership that George W. Bush was a true conservative and that we needn’t fear that he would be anything like his waffling father. We believed it and made him our standard bearer over Sen. John McCain. When Bush won the election over Al Gore, he was given a gift from his predecessor, Bill Clinton, that few presidents ever get.  It was a budget surplus of $80 billion. Clintons hand had been forced by an aggressive and conservative Congress, and he did end up being successful.

So, in 2000, the Republicans are in charge. We felt we would be able to watch that surplus grow for several years and see the national debt reduced. But it wasn’t meant to bge. Bush and the Republicans burned through it and then some, enacting big spending programs like the Medicare Advantage Program. this one cost the treasury hundreds of billions, and their was no mechanism in the bill to pay for it. Bush and congress offered every excuse for blowing a hole in the budget, but to no avail. The 9/11 attacks were blamed, as was the war he chose to fight in Iraq. Neither cut it.  By 2006, the conservatives were ready to sit on the sidelines in frustration, and that’s what they did. this gave the democrats the opening they needed as they took over the congress. And by 2008 they were chomping at the bit to elect a Democrat president. They did it, and they have worked with him to triple the deficit with incredibly foolish spending on programs that continue to damage the US debt situation. And there is no end in sight to unrestrained spending.

Funny how we crowed about our defeat of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s. We could barely keep from smiling  as we awtched them bankrupt themselves trying to keep up with us militarily. The USSR fill like a ton of bricks under the weight of crushing debt. It’s not so funny anymore as we begin to see signs that we may be the next to fall under that weight. Many of our enemies have prdicted that they would defeat us without firing a shot. This may end up being true.

But I have a plan. It’s not new, or unique to me. It’s a plan that must work if we are to survive as a nation. In 2010 we are truly faced with Robert Frost’s “two paths in the wood.” One leads to the status quo, the other is more difficult to follow. It’s time to wake up and face our reality.

The solution is simple, but difficult. Change Congress. This is the hard part. If your congressional representitives have been in office for more than 12 years, then they have seen the reality of a budget suplus. If they then voted for the Bush budgets, the Bush and Obama stimulus packages, the Obama bailouts for banks or automobile companies, then they have been doing a diservice to the country. They are damaging that to which they swore an oath to protect. The congressional oath of office includes the words that they will protect the nation from “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” They are the domestic enemies of our nation.

In Glen Beck’s book, “An Inconvenient Book,” he says something we all need to remember. “We, the people, still have the ultimate voice in this country, and we can change our course by empowering those who not only stand for the truth but are willing to fight for it.” Many of us suppport our congressperson. They’ve been around forever, we went to school with them, they attend our church, our kids play soccer with their kids. But consider what they have done for, or to, our country. Did they vote themselves a pay raise this year while they stopped seniors from getting Social Security cost of living increases? Some of them did. Are they supporting or fighting the health care bill that has been put together behind closed doors because you don’t need to know what’s in it? Not sure about how your representitives in Congress are voting? Do some homework by visiting Thomas.com. This site tracks the voting record of all of congress.

The only thing congress truly fears is the voter. But they haven’t feared us in generations, because they are rarely ever voted out.  And that fear is waning further, as they now just shut the door and legislate is secret. The only way to stop this nasty pattern is to shake the congress to its core. If we were to recruit strong, articulate and experienced conservative candidates, we could replace numerous RINO’s. But we must remain committed to the goal of reducing Democrat control of Congress.

In 2010 we may have our last chance to change the course of America before she is pushed off the fiscal cliff. If Obama is able to maintain a supportive congress, he will be able to run the table. Cap and Trade, more meaningless stimulus, a horrific and unconstitutional health care bill, and an appeasing foreign policy.

Let’s not forget Reagan’s shining city. We can stop it’s demolition this year. But we’ve only got one shot, and it’s now. Once demolition starts, we’ll be powerless to stop it. One vote at a time, hand in hand, we can take this hill.