Stimulus Numbers Shows Obama Is In Over His Head

Once again, the Obama Administration is being questioned about the stimulus report thast they put out last week. After much fanfare in which the White House bragged about the number of jobs “saved or created,” they had to reverse themselves when news organizations began digging tnto the numbers. What they found was that the numbers were not only vastly overstated, but that there is a concerted effort by the Obama Admimistration to fool the public. this tells me that Barack Obama is in over his head. If he thinks that the American people are drones who accept everything that comes from the White House press room, he doesn’t know the American people at all. He apparently thought that was the case when he allowed Ed Pound, communications director for the administrations website, recovery.com, to put our ridiculsously false claims about the impact of stimulus funds in different congressional districts.

And ridiculous might be too light a discription of what these numbers show. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Ariz), noted in “The Hill” newspaper, that the report showed his state of Arizona has 86 congressional districts. Uh, not even close. And to make matters worse, the report showed that the 86th district recieved over $50 million and created or saved 106 jobs! In a district titled “District 00,” the stimulus cash totalled about $600,000 and a whopping 8 jobs were reported. It would be bad enough if thesse numbers were real, but there not. When being questioned by Rep. Issa in a congressional hearing, Pound was asked if he could certify that the numbers in the report were accurate, Pound was left stammering, “No, I cannot make that certification.”

One glaring example of the Obama administrations intent to decieve us was that one recipient of stimulus funds, Head Start, was questioned about the 317 jobs it reported as being “created or saved.” While appearing on ABC News, Head Start’s Chris Whitley had to admit that the jobs were bogus. It turned out that 317 regular imployees recieved a 2.3% raise, using the stimulus cash. Whitley made matters worse by saying, “…it wasn’t illegal, immoral or unethical. And they told me to do it,, so I did it.” Who told him to do it? Someone is telling these employers to lie about jobs “created or saved.” I blogged back when this whole “saved or created” crap was introduced by the Obama administration that it would result in lies and distortions.

This week, the Government Accounting Office reported that 58,000 jobs reported by the administration were bogus. The companies that they sited hadn’t even spent their stimulus money yet. That’s 10% of the jobs Obama claims were saved.

The Obama team is calling these “reporting errors.” I call them distortions…lies. This administration is not to be trusted. The country needs to wake up and realize that Barack Obama is in over his head. He believes the hype about being a savior, one who can do no wrong. But the rest of us are beginning  to see the truth. And it gets uglier everyday.

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