EPA Global Warming Report Kept From Public; So Much for Open Government

President Obama campaigned on a platform of change, saying that the status quo, which included back room deals, secrecy, and hidden agendas that he said prevailed in the Bush Administration, would be a thing of the past. All we had to do was elect him, and he would see to it. One of his favorite terms was that he would bring “transparency” to the legislative process. Americans would finally have the opportunity to see how their government operated in the open. He was going to throw the curtains open. We have already had the chance to see how that works. He has surrounded himself with “czars” that did not have to be questioned by the Congress, and he did not need to introduce them to the American public. And these are the people who will be making policy recommendations to Obama. So much for operating in the open.

Another thing that Obama promised was that there would be no more “politization of science,” which he accused the Republicans of doing when debating global warming in the waning Bush years. He claimed that conservatives were making facts up in order to prove that the warming trend was predictable and natural. But now that things have changed. It’s the global warming crowd in Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency that are working to keep current science out of the debate.

Dr. Alan Corbin, a 35 year employee of the agency, recently wrote a 100 page report that simply questioned some of the science behind global warming claims. He noted that the EPA’s most recent position  on global warming was the basis for the controversial Cap and Trade legislation that recently passed the House of Representitives and is awaiting action in the Senate. The EPA’s “science” turned out to be three years old, and there are four areas where it is flat out of date. The document used by the House was known as the Technical Support Document, and Corbin pointed out the flaws in it.

1. During the past 11 years, the global average temperature has dropped, while carbon emissions have gone up. Carbon emissions are what the EPA and other global warming disciples believe cause the warming.

2. It was determined that the concensus of climate scientists have abandoned their idea that global warming has caused the number and intensity of hurricanes to increase.

3. The concensus of climate scientists saying that global warming has caused Greenland to lose part of it’s ice cover has collapsed.

4. The EPA’s Technical Suport Document was formulated before the current worldwide recession hit, with dramatic cuts in carbon emissions.

Corbin’s boss at the EPA, Al McGartlend, was given a copy of the report. He immediately e-mailed Corbin with a command that forbid him from “entering into direct communication with anyone outside the agency.” In a later e-mail, Corbin was told that since the EPA had already determined to issue it’s “findings,” that Corbin must “cease all inquiries in climate science.” This was his job…and he was told to stop doing it. I’m certain the EPA Secretary was totally unaware of this. He could not have known that there were scientists who honestly disagreed with the theory of global warming within his agency. Surely he would have abided by the President’s wishes to allow this report to be followed up on and reported.

So I would ask the president what happened to transparency and change in Washington. And how about the ending of the politicization of science? Does it only count if it empowers your agenda? The truth is, that Barack Obama has encourages lies, secrets, and the status quo. This is just one of many issues that have been dealt with behind closed doors. The Congress hammered out the final Health Care Bill behind closed doors, without press coverage of any kind. In fact, I don’t remember a time when there were more “closed door meetings” in Congress than there have been this year. With the Health Care Bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was forced to put the bill online for 72 hours so that citizens could read it. She was brought along kicking and screaming on allowing that opportunity for “open government.” But at the end of 72 hours, the bill was taken down and parts were re-written, so that what the American people read was nothing like the final bill. All done with the encouragement of Presidient Obama. This leaves me numb and angry. There is no change, and there is no transparency. We were lied to. I’m proud to say that I, for one, didn’t buy it in the first place. But alot of us did. I’m hoping that they are honest enough to admit it and work to bring real change and honest leadership to Washington. In 2012, we have a chance to do the right thing and vote the liars out. I pray we take it.