Pelosi is the Big Loser in HC Debate

It turns out that Nancy Pelosi’s victory dance is about to be cut short. It won’t be long before a backlash against her is in full swing. What was she thinking? She had to know that the Senate would shred her Health Care Bill to rid it of the public option and most of her most outlandish punishments for taxpayers who don’t bow down to the federal government and buy their overpriced insurance. And now she will be left with a group of angry and vulnerable Democrats who went out on a limb to vote for her monstrosity and are now faced with an angry electorate.

The Senate will surly be quick with the scissors, cutting this bill up and hopefully getting back to the real solutions to the high cost of insurance. In the first place, the president’s public comments during the campaign indicated he wanted to make it more affordable and accessible, not mandatory and more expensive. It has become obvious that the goal all along has been to drive the private insurance market out of business with a government program. By adding expensive new rules on private insurers, some needed, the government would be able to set their own rates so low that the private companies would be unable to compete, and eventually would be forced into bankruptcy. So when Obama says that if you like your current insurance plan, you can keep it…he’s lying. And he knows it. How can you keep something that goes out of business?

So hopefully the Senate will see the handwriting on the wall and will make sense of the real issues of making insurance affordable. Joe Lieberman has already declared that any bill with a public option will draw his opposition. He sees through the games being played in the House bill and is prepared to hold the whole thing up until it’s taken out. Thank God for Joe. There are plenty of vulnerable Democrats in the Senate who cannot be seen as supporting the House bill, and who will be listening closely to their constituants. Let’s be vocal. Let’s see democracy work.