Another post-mortem and Obama's first look at the national diaper

Republicans are now evidently in their second month of moping, gnashing, and wringing about what went wrong with their Presidential ticket in November. Why – tell me! – WHY did McCain-Palin lose that race to Obama-Biden? McCain pollster Bill McInturff tells us. Well, he tells USA Today’s Paul Bedard, who, in turns, tells us:

Topping McInturff’s list: Obama was the first black presidential nominee and gave his acceptance speech on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The GOP convention was almost rained out by a hurricane over New Orleans on Hurricane Katrina’s anniversary. And as the economy collapsed, McCain had to endorse a bailout he never would have backed had he not been running for president. Reason: Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson begged him to. While he thinks playing up Barack Obama’s ties to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright would have worked to hurt the Democrat.

So it was the magical aura/gloss associated with the Obama campaign and it’s National Coming-of-Age back story, and it was Hank Paulson. Did Steve Schmidt or anyone tell John McCain to be John McCain instead of the fellow-who-buys-the-bill-of-goods-from-Hank Paulson? (It was a bill of good when sold to a Republican Presidential candidate, but I don’t know otherwise) .And we find out that McInturff liked McCain’s decision not to exploit the Rev. Wright connection, as that would have been race-baiting and would have “delegitimized his presidency.” (I’d like to have asked him how so, but I’ve moved on.)

No we’re not going to dig this one up and perform another autopsy. I’m more driven to mirthful tears by the demands of those surveyed for ABC News/WashPost.

The survey says those surveyed demand CHANGE in specific areas:

According to the poll, Americans want Obama to: withdraw troops from Iraq within 16 months (70%); make major changes in the U.S. health care system (77%); implement policies to reduce global warming (75%); and increase federal spending on children’s health insurance (74%).

Well, those surveyed haven’t thought this through, but that is how they define CHANGE for Obama. You promised us, Mr. President-elect. Don’t be a failure. And remember what you’re loopy, lefty supporters demand, though only 40% of those surveyed want to close the prison at Gitmo.

The clock starts in less than a month. Judging from the survey results listed, Obama probably should start by CHANGING the national diaper.