The Sunday Morning Talk Shows: preview

ImageFor Sunday, December 14, 2008

FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace talks with Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee and Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan.

This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos has John McCain.

Meet the Press (NBC): Moderator Tom Brokaw, I think, talks to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, Mitt Romney, former HP President Carly Fiorina, Wal-Mart President and CEO Lee Scott, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Face the Nation (CBS): Host Bob Schieffer has Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Dem Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, Senator Corker, and Attorney General Madigan.

Late Edition (CNN): Host Wolf Blitzer has Senator John Ensign of Nevada and Dem Senator Bob Casey Junior of Pennsylvania. And his cast of thousands.


Corker and Stabenow will argue the Detroit bailout on FNS, and Corker and Levin will do the same on FTN. That is probably what Ensign and Junior Casey will discuss on LE, given Ensign’s role in the measure’s defeat in the Senate, but I don’t know what Junior did besides stand in the corner and drool.

John McCain’s back on TW, and I’m sure Steph will ask him why he has not seemed to do a thing about the auto bailout when he went so far as to suspend his campaign for the financial bailout. (Then again, I doubt Steve Schmidt is still advising the guy.)

For Sherrod Brown on FTN, see my reaction to Junior Casey on FTN.

Lisa Madigan, Illinois’ Attorney General, has been outspoken about Blago getting the hook. She is a Chicago Democrat, so perhaps this is in furtherance of whatever career she wants. (Perhaps she can succeed Junior Daley at the top of the city.)

I’ll catalog these things and post the results Sunday afternoon.