From beyond the grave: Fidel offers to meet with Obama

The Times of London has for the first time revealed that former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (deceased) has offered to meet with U.S. President-elect Obama.

“With Obama, talks could happen anywhere he wants,” the former head of the Communist regime wrote in the latest of a series of columns he has published in state-run media since falling ill in 2006.

His remarks follow an offer from his brother, President Raul Castro, to meet Mr Obama “on neutral ground” to try to end the 40 year long conflict between the two countries.

Which means that someone wrote something and put the late Fidel’s name to it.

President Kennedy pulled his ambassador from Havana on January 5th of 1961. In the interim, the Cuban government has not returned the stuff it has confiscated.

While campaigning, expressed a willingness to let Cuba off the hook for its human rights abuses, and Raul Castro has told Obama-friend actor Sean Penn that he wants to meet Obama in Gitmo. The stars may be aligning for the Cuban government finally triumphing over nearly fifty years of U.S. human rights policy. Gee, it’s too bad Fidel didn’t live to see it.

(President-elect Obama, I know it goes against your nature, but please reject this nonsense!)

– And for more on the redoubtable Mr. Penn, see Pejman’s earlier post.