Karl Rove tells them: This is continuity, not change.

Perhaps we did not purchase the bill of goods, but 68,588,471 American voters, most still alive and voting only once, were sold the campaign schtick – hopeCHANGEhope – and now they’re learning about it from Karl Rove. On their home turf, NBC’s Today program, Karl Rove reviews their messiah’s national security & foreign policy team and tells them this:

The team represents, to a substantial degree, continuity.

Ouch. Continuity = More of the Same. (Gates, btw, is not a Republican.)

(There’s more beyond the vid.)

The AP tells us of Rove’s appearance on the Fun with Matt Lauer Show:

Rove pointed to the retention of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the naming of James Jones as national security adviser, a Vietnam war veteran who rose to become a Marine four-star general and served as military chief of NATO during the Bush administration. Obama also named Hillary Rodham Clinton as his nominee for secretary of state.

Pejman Yousefzadeh notes that Obama’s “approach on decision-making seems to be lifted straight from the playbooks of George W. Bush and John McCain.”

Hillary for State was uninspired. Obama was forced to hire the “monster” for political reasons. He cannot govern without her, so he is now tied to the co-winner of an election held 16-years-ago. This isn’t just the status quo; it’s recycled. (And the media will proclaim that Obama’s saving the planet for it.) In accepting the nomination, Hillary talked of the same problems: Iran, the Norks, Palestine, etc. More. Of. The. Same.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano at DHS seems like another patronage appoint, which Presidents of all stripes have doled out for centuries, and it is… more of the same. She is not nearly as qualified as is Secretary Chertoff, unless she has some super power of which we’ve not been told. (This is always a possibility in the Obama Administration.)

I know Obama says that he will be the ultimate decider in his Administration, but this has also been done before.

If this is change from President Bush’s first term, we have been there and done that.

Perhaps Obama’s acolytes are beginning to understand that they have been had and they do not like the new bill of goods in the trunk. Too bad. To hear it from Karl Rove, well… this “revolution,” I am afraid, will be televised. Policy-wise, in the recently announced aspects, it is shaping up to be nothing revolutionary.