Tom Friedman is a punk rocker!

It’s an old Ramones song, ‘cept that one was about Sheena (is a punk rocker). This is about New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, who has proposed that Hank Paulson resign and President Bush replace him at the Treasury Department with this Geittner fellow. Otherwise, he intones, we’re all gonna die.

Okay, Friedman, let’s replace the entire cabinet with Obama’s peeps! And we’d replace Josh Bolton with Rahmbo, of course, and they could make Bush-Cheney hide in an undisclosed location.

Better yet, Friedman: How about Vice President Cheney resigns, Bush replaces him with Obama, then Bush resigns? Obama could serve the remaining two months of Bush’s term and his own first term, then he would be eligible to run for a second.

Think of the beautiful precedent! Why didn’t Jemmy Madison think of this?

These giddy folks can’t wait for the implementation of hopechangehope, and the expectations are high. Obama has been very reassuring and Presidential in his recent pressers, and I’ll just be that translates into actually running the country. Right?

When your Keynesian solution fails, Friedman, you won’t be able to blame Bush. You can always listen to the Ramones, though.