Let's party in the center with Senator Anonymous!

Unnamed Senator talks to Roger Simon of Politico.com:

“I don’t think we have learned much from the election in terms of what people want to see,” he says. “We have the same gridlock.”

By the “same gridlock,” he means that party hard-liners, both Democrats and Republicans, will remain in control of the machinery of Congress. And that means more of the same. It means more politics as usual — especially in his party.

“We need someone who speaks from the center,” he says. “Sarah Palin is not the voice of our party.”

You lament is typical of your ilk, Senator Collins, Specter, Snowe… or whomever. Gordon Smith is still there, as is that Chuck Hagel guy from Nebraska, but they’re both on the way out. Linc Chafee’s been gone. Your breed is a dying breed, electorally: the watery Republican. Where have you gone, Lowell Weicker, Senator Anonymous turns his lonely eyes to you.


Senator Anonymous’ issue is immigration, and he seems concerned about the Hispanic vote. (Mel Martinez? Oh, I’ll lay off the guessing game.)

Small government — the mantra of the Republican Party ever since Ronald Reagan — will not work anymore, the senator says.

“We can’t revive the ghost of Ronald Reagan,” he says. “People want government in times of need.”

Senator Anonymous is a David Brooks Republican.

Do they ask: If the Republican Party jettisons its call for small government and lower taxes, it is what? What is the GOP if not dedicated to a limited but effective form of government? I’ll answer: it’s an empty party which stands for nothing of note. Why has our party been beaten heavily about its head and torso in the last two general elections? Because Republicans were apparently taking the advice of Senator Anonymous, governing like Senator Anonymous would have them govern.

As for the “ghost of Ronald Reagan,” as your term the ideas at the core of the party of which you profess to be a member, please remember that Ronald Reagan had a spine. Ronald Reagan believed in a set of principles and he discussed them. He courted votes in that way, not by deciding that one can no longer win elections unless he endorses gals marrying gals and guys melting the globe.

Ronald Reagan’s ghost is a Republican. You, Senator, are free to leave the party if you do not like that for which we stand.