Joe the Plumber for Congress?

I think I am supposed to be skeptical, react to this like I did when Donato Dalrymple said he might seek higher office. But no, listening to the man speak, Joe Wurzelbacher is for real.

He told radio talker and fellow cancer survivor Laura Ingraham today that he might run for Congress in 2010. Against Ohio Democrat Marcy Kaptur.

Ingraham herself said she would immediately volunteer for his campaign and help him with campaign advertising and PR. Meanwhile, the National Republican Congressional Committee said they would welcome Wurzelbacher’s candidacy with “open arms.”

“We support Joe the Plumber and people like him everyday with our support for lower taxes and energy independence,” NRCC spokesman Ken Spain said.

Kaptur’s office responded by blaming Joe the plumber for recent layoffs at the local Jeep plant.

It looks like conservative populism is here to stay, and it is definitely something the party wants to encourage in the future. Grassroots activism. (There is a community blog designed for this sort of thing, but I, oh I forget its name offhand.)

I’d give you the URL at which to donate to Wuzelbacher’s campaign, but it does not exist yet. I’ll be back with you on this in a year or so.