McCain is entertained by "leading conservatives" who trash Palin

Finding a Politico.com story via Google News, we learn of John McCain’s “amazement” at the way Sarah Palin is being treated by some conservatives.

Several leading conservatives, including columnists Kathleen Parker of National Review and David Brooks of the New York Times, have questioned McCain’s judgment in selecting Palin. [emphasis my own]

Leading conservatives: Kathleen Parker and David Brooks? That’s a bit o’ hyperbole, as I’m still not 100% certain who is Kathleen Parker, and I was not aware David Brooks could be considered a conservative by a conservative.

McCain dismissed their criticisms and credited Palin for energizing the conservative base in a year in which the GOP faces “a stiff headwind.”

“She has ignited our crowds,” McCain said. “She has a wonderful family, a great husband, great values and she shares my worldview.”

“I’m entertained at the elitist attitude towards a person who is proven leader.”

I am with our candidate: entertained. It is amusing that certain people with a misplaced sense of elitism can verbally attack a conservative Vice Presidential candidate in the middle of what could be a very close election, essentially because they do not like the cut of her jib.

Are these people seeking meaningless language which the speaker uses to fool the unsuspecting oaf into believing that a high-minded principle is being discussed? The politics of meaning, by jove, it takes a village? Does that suffice in the place of sanity? Obama/Biden?

Here’s our nominee with a question for those who offer the pretense that Joe Biden is more qualified to be President than is Sarah Palin:

“I’m amazed. I’m amazed. Which is better? Serve 35 years in the United States Senate and say you’ve got to divide Iraq into three different countries, or be governor of a state and a reformer and give people their tax dollars back and bring about reform in the way that your state does business? Which is better?”

What do we want in government? A conservative, by definition, seeks less government and lower taxes. Sarah Palin speaks of… what?

To these people, the President (Reagan) was a myth. “Once upon a time, there was a giant with a magic wand…” Folks, it was not that way. The President sometimes said dumb things. The President sometimes made bad choices. But remember this: The President always kept his eyes on the prize, reflected in conservatism. And during the 1980s, the pride and the prize is in the work we did. Americans knew what they were doing, where they were going, and why.

Obama/Biden? Not so much.

Where is the sophistry in Sarah Palin? I’ve never heard a sophism escape her lips. Obama/Biden? Mercy.

When John McCain selected Sarah Palin to be his running mate, he put himself into this race. Without her, the campaign would have lacked volunteers, yards with signs, letter writers, even jazzed bloggers. It would have lacked the excitement it now exudes.

If something were to happen to John McCain on Day One, and Palin ascended to the highest office in the land, I assume she’d have advisors around her who would be more qualified than Obama’s on whom she might have to lean almost as much as Obama would need his peeps to tell him what to do. She’d get advice, she’d make decisions. I trust her judgment. I trust John McCain’s judgment.

Obama/Biden? Not so much.

I cannot assigne motives or read minds. That’s entertainment.

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