Obama's lead down to two points in Pennsylvania

John McCain and Sarah Palin have spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania of late, and team Obama might have an internal poll showing the race in the commonwealth tightening fast.

[M]uch buzz today surrounds the apparently inadvertent leak of an internal poll by Barack Obama’s campaign in Pennsylvania that supposedly showed the Democrat leading there by only 2 percentage points — a much-slimmer margin than independent surveys have recorded for him and one that would make the race for the state a tossup.

An e-mail from a local Obama aide expressing concern about the internal poll’s findings ended up in the queue of a radio talk show host in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Meanwhile, PA Governor Ed Rendell, an erstwhile Hillary booster, has sent Team Barry two e-mails suggested that Obama get his tail back to the Keystone State before he loses its 21 Electoral votes.

Given McCain-Palin’s ongoing activity in the commonwealth, I’ve wondered if their internals also showed a race within the margin. If that’s what Obama’s seeing, John McCain has a bit of a wider path, taking a State which had not gone Republican since GHWB in 1988.

Rendell, Obama, and Jack Murtha have already excused a possible loss in Pennsylvania, citing racism. It’s is an insulting excuse.

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