The big Palin protest in Alaska!

Alaskans evidently revile Sarah Palin. Yeah, surprised me as well, but those Alaskans are taking to the streets of Juneau. From Sunday’s Juneau Empire:

Juneau residents staged a protest in front of the state Capitol on Saturday, urging the rest of the country to say “thanks but no thanks” to Gov. Sarah Palin’s campaign to be vice president.”We are the constituents who know what her actions have been, what her behavior has been … and we cannot tolerate that for the vice president of the United States,” said the event’s organizer Jeannette Lacey.

How many Juneau residents, or people bused in, took part in this mass demonstration? Let’s try: 200. And the paper quotes just about all of them, it seems.

But at least it was a retrograde protest, the kind at which Bill Ayers might have nodded and smiled as he continued rigging explosives.

Near the end of the protest, the crowd sang a song called “Oh Lord won’t you make me the vice president,” model on Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz” tune.”Forgive me my blind ambition and lies that I’ve tossed, I must get to DC no matter the cost,” the crowd sang.

Turn on, tune in, drop out, maan. So 1960s, maan.

All we need are the counterculture university professors. But look who I found! Is this one?

“They’ve been … touting her as the most popular governor,” said University of Alaska Southeast professor Britteny Cioni, who had a sign that said “beware the trickster.”

“Well, maybe, but not with everyone, and there are people in Alaska that oppose her and oppose her policies,” she said.

Well, she’s a lecturer, not a professor. The media had the same trouble with Obama’s title.

And “beware the trickster” is so – like – Timothy Leary. Yeah, I know: things are tougher in Alaska. I’m grateful that the vast majority of people in that beautiful and prosperous State walk through life with their common sense intact.