The American left and "Hannity's America"

Last Sunday, FNC’s Sean Hannity used his weekend TV show, Hannity’s America, to air his investigation of Barack Obama and his malevolent friends and allies. Obama refused to offer any comment or rebuttal.

Inside Cable News asks:

If MSNBC were to air a Keith Olbermann special on John McCain, the red blogs would be up in arms and it would be the talking point of every RNC operative in America. Why does Hannity get a pass?

WRONG. I wouldn’t be surprised if MSNBC put Olbermann on the air sliming America 24/7. That’s the MSNBC way. I wouldn’t be angry, though I might mention it. I might not.

Why does Hannity get a pass? Ask the lefty blogs and the DNC operatives. If they are not having the hissy fits the writer seeks, perhaps it is because they expected as much of Sean Hannity. Perhaps it is because Olbermann offered Obama a chance to rebut, something Olbermann would never have offered the McCain campaign.