re: What will Tina Fey do now?

These people are wasting our time, Josh. When confronted with a contrary proof, they dig in, retrenching themselves merely by digging it deeper. I think most of it is the natural reaction of a lightweight, though it seems some lingering Romney nonsense has compounded matters.

For the sake of honesty — PLEASE! — I went into last night’s debate with some trepidation. It would be politically unthinkable to drop her from the ticket, but was she capable of performing in the way that our party needed from her? Last night, she walked on stage and, with a smile, proved to the sentient Americans that she can handle the veep job and will soon be ready to head a Presidential ticket herself.

I am not going to say that these folks are not conservatives, because they could well be in a sense, but I will say that seem frightened that conservatism could become a triumphant mode of thought. They want to lose.

And I’m through writing about it. These people are wasting our time.