The Sunday Morning Talk Shows

ImageFor Sunday, August 28, 2008

FOX News Sunday (FNS): Host Chris Wallace will host Senator Lindsey Graham against Senator John Kerry.

This Week (ABC): Host George Stephanopoulos talks to John McCain, then to Newt Gingrich.

Meet the Press (NBC): Moderator Tom Brokaw will chat with Obama-maker David Axelrod and McCain’s chief strategist Steve Schmidt, then he turns to Colorado’s Senate race with Dem Mark Udall and Republican Bob Schaffer.

Face the Nation (CBS): Host Bob Schieffer will discuss matters with Obama.

Late Edition (CNN): Host Wolf Blitzer chat with Pak Prez Asif Ali Zardari and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank.

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First of all, though it will be last on Sunday, I want Blitzer (LE) to ask President Zardari what he thinks of Obama’s plans to march into his country and firing missile. What’s the protocol for that sort of thing between friendly nations?

We have to sit through John Kerry again (FNS), and at least this year brings us a more interesting Dem than they had in ’04. Obama will be on FTN.

I doubt we’ll see Axelrod appear with Schmidt on MTP. But to balance things out, McCain will be on TW, which has recently been scoring better in that ratings than has FTN.